US stock exchanges inconsistent - Fed decision does not encourage investors

Wallstreet in New York, about dts
Wallstreet in New York, about dts
The US stock markets were inconsistent on Wednesday.

At the end of trading in New York, the Dow was calculated at 28.032,38 points, an increase of 0,13 percent compared to the previous trading day. A few minutes earlier, the broader S&P 500 had been in the red with around 3.385 points (-0,39 percent), the Nasdaq technology exchange calculated the Nasdaq 100 at that time with around 11.290 points (-1,29 percent).

The continued low interest rate policy of the US Federal Reserve did not bring the hoped-for upturn in the US financial markets. The European common currency trended weaker on Wednesday evening. One euro cost 1,1798 US dollars (-0,43 percent). The gold price rose slightly, in the evening 1.958,18 US dollars were paid for one troy ounce (+0,14 percent).

This corresponds to a price of 53,36 euros per gram.