Update on the cup game

News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied
News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied

❗❗Chaos when determining the number of spectators for today's cup game - now 260 football fans admitted ❗❗

Yesterday, Tuesday, SC Friedrichsthal received the message that the number of spectators in Friedrichsthal will be limited to 130 as part of the Corona measures. Both clubs sold the tickets within a few hours. When determining the number, however, the Friedrichsthal Public Order Office used an incorrect calculation. This was corrected this morning.

⚠So there are still 130 tickets available this evening. The box office opens at 17:30 p.m. Unfortunately, we can only apologize for this chaos - our Spvgg. And SC Friedrichsthal must of course comply with the guidelines of the city of Friedrichsthal.

All viewers who buy their ticket in the evening can print out the contact form in advance and bring it with them. This saves time and avoids queues at the checkout.

Click here for the form ➡ https://www.scfriedrichsthal.com/app/download/5815718038/Besucherregistrierung+SCF+Stadion+am+Franzschacht.pdf

⚠Please pay attention to the distance rules of 1,5 meters and bring a mouth and nose protection with you in case the distance cannot be maintained anywhere.


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