Our coaches of the second before the start of the season

News from Spvgg Quierschied 2
News from Spvgg Quierschied 2

Dear spectators of the Saarland League game against Reimsbach, dear fans of our 2nd team,

Foreword by Yannik Eiler and Markus Woll from the Wamb leaflet next Sunday.

we would like to use the first common home game day of our two teams to introduce ourselves with the second team. Our players of the 2nd team will start their season as promoters in the national league on Sunday after the championship in the district league in the past season. The first opponent will be an old acquaintance, the 2nd team from Großrosseln, whose coaches and fans we also welcome.
We have six weeks of preparation behind us, which can be summarized quickly - we have no injuries to complain about, we have won the community cup winners and were able to achieve a good 3rd place in our own Jost & Pilger Cup. In addition to the fact that we kept the entire squad, our long-term injuries were able to return and we were able to integrate three of our own senior youth players.
Nevertheless, we are all happy that points will finally come back today. We are aware that we will experience a different situation in the new league than in recent years. Our second team was used to leaving the place as the winner in almost every game. After all, you always played for promotion in the district league. In the new league, you are structurally more likely to belong to the teams for which it will not reach the top. We live on camaraderie, no one plays in this team for money and we are all boys from the Quierschder area. We are a well-functioning second team that also pursues goals other than purely sporty ones. We always want to win, but there will be more defeats in the good class. But we have set ourselves the goal of not wanting anything to do with the relegation, we want to take the euphoria from the championship season with us, and because of our special composition, we want to experience a season without pressure and with as much fun and ease as possible.
There is quality in this group as well as many years of experience. This is where Großrosseln II comes in, because there is a painful memory of two years ago. Both teams fought for the relegation place and in the end our guests rose in front of us, among other things because we only played 1-1 here at home despite numerous possibilities. In the end that was not enough, but this time it should also be an additional motivation for us.
As always, we will get a boost from the audience and hope that you will support us as much this season as in the past season.
In the home games, we want to play a part in our foreplay to make it worthwhile to come to the sports field at the Franzenhaus, to give the 1st team a good opportunity to appear before the game to cheer us on and then our Saarland League - Hopefully support troops after their own victories from us during their game in order to celebrate 6P match days as often as possible. The first one is best on Sunday!

The coaching team of the 2nd team Yannik Eiler and Markus Woll


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