Union: health department staff increase is "national task"

Health Department, via dts
Health Department, via dts
The Union parliamentary group in the Bundestag sees the increase in the number of staff in the health departments to track corona infection chains as a "national task" in which all levels of government would have to come together.

"The use of the Bundeswehr should set the style for all federal and state authorities: Follow-up has priority now, because it protects against infection and can consequently save human lives," said Union faction deputy Andreas Jung of "Welt" (Monday edition). The CDU MP also advocated “unconventional paths”: Students with language skills could be recruited so that there would be no delays due to language barriers in the cross-border follow-up of contacts in neighboring countries.

SPD municipal expert Bernhard Daldrup meanwhile proposed an “inter-municipal cooperation”, “in which the less polluted municipalities temporarily make staff available to the more polluted municipalities”. The state administrations had "some reserves that they can send to the municipalities, we have already seen that in the refugee crisis". Daldrup criticized that the states had taken too long to retrieve four billion euros that the federal government had made available to the municipalities for the public health service. “Public health authorities have led a shadowy existence for too long. Corona has shown how important a stable public health service is. "The first parliamentary director of the Green Group, Britta Haßelmann, called it" worrying "that many health authorities are not adequately staffed. The federal and state governments must act quickly and unbureaucratically. “In the short term, it is right to deploy staff from other areas. The municipalities must also be given long-term financial help in strengthening the public health service and making it a cornerstone of our health system again, ”said Haßelmann to“ Die Welt ”.

The local political spokeswoman for the FDP parliamentary group, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, called for more financial support for the municipalities: “The federal and state governments have so far assumed that the pandemic could be dealt with by order from above, and the local individual circumstances were criminally neglected . “Left parliamentary group vice Gesine Lötzsch pleaded in the newspaper for individual solutions on site. Bundeswehr soldiers should "only be used for contact tracing if there are demonstrably no other options" ?? and if necessary under civilian guidance.