UNHCR urges admission of additional migrants from Moria

Refugee camp, about dts
Refugee camp, about dts
The representative of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Germany has appealed to the German government to take in additional migrants from the Moria refugee camp on Lesbos.

"Germany has been insisting on a European solution so far, which I can understand," said Frank Remus of "Welt" (Thursday edition). "In an emergency like this, however, I would very much appreciate it if the current policy were reconsidered."

As a humanitarian worker, he was "deeply impressed by the willingness of many countries and municipalities to accept," said the UNHCR representative. "It would be a good sign if it could be made possible to use this willingness for additional recordings and to find further compromises." The EU accused Remus of not having properly looked after the camps. "I know some countries that have managed it much better, although they have less money available than the European Union," said the refugee worker.

"For example, I was in Yemen, where the government set up a refugee camp with acceptable sanitary facilities within a very short time." It is "bitter that it doesn't work for us". Greece was certainly overwhelmed by "that so many asylum seekers have arrived scattered on the islands in recent years," said Remus. “In recent years, however, a lot of money has flowed from the EU to Greece. You have to ask yourself whether this money could not have been used more consistently. "