Unfortunate defeat in Kleinblittersdorf

News from Spvgg Quierschied 2
News from Spvgg Quierschied 2

On the 4th matchday of the Landesliga Süd, our 2nd team had to go to the next away game in Kleinblittersdorf. The "Zwädd" wanted to annoy the favorite with the ascent and take something countable with them. But things turned out differently.

The Wambe had the first chance of the game. Hendrik Grätz narrowly missed a cross from Jonas Fernsner. Then Kleinblitterdorf took over command. In the tenth minute, the hosts celebrated the 1-0 after our back team could not clear the ball properly after a corner kick. Kleinblittersdorf was the better team as a result. There were two good opportunities to extend the lead, which Robin Gehring (15th minute) was able to thwart shortly before the line and Jason Schröder (40th) in goal. Hendrik Grätz had the greatest chance for the "Zwädd" in the first round shortly before the break when he narrowly missed a cross from Manuel Niebergall. Overall, the troops showed too little willingness to run and fight in the first half. Nevertheless, one noticed that the host was not standing safely behind either.

The speech by coach Manuel Dillenburger had probably had an effect, because the Wambe came with a different face from half-time. In the 56th minute Grätz scored the 1: 1 equalizer, after a cross from the strong Jonas Fernsner. Only four minutes later Fernsner had a huge chance to take the lead with a shot from the post. The hosts unexpectedly took the lead again after 64 minutes. The "Zwädd" was not impressed by this and was still the better team. A shot by Fernsner (68th) was defused by the goalkeeper and only a minute later the post saved the hosts again. Finally, an unfortunate cross from Fernsner found its way into the gate to the well-deserved 2-2 equalizer. The hosts reduced their stamina. Hendrik Grätz had a 100% chance to take the lead two minutes before the end, but deflected the shot in front of the goal. And, as is so often the case in football, it turned out the way it had to, because if you don't take the chances in the front, you get them in the back. Some players were eager to score the winning goal but forgot to defend. So the host was able to achieve the 3-2 in stoppage time. Then the referee ended the game.

A game that must never be lost is lost. The goals conceded are not without reason and our team simply has to defend better on the defensive. After four match days, the "Zwädd" is already under pressure. Now the points have to be found in the home games. The first opportunity for this is next weekend against Kandil Saarbrücken.


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press report written by Spvgg Quierschied: Jan-Erik Schlicker