Unfortunate loss to the front-runner

News from Spvgg Quierschied 2
News from Spvgg Quierschied 2

Our second team received the unbeaten leaders FC Kleinblittersdorf am Franzenhaus on matchday 11 of the Landesliga Süd. The roles were clearly distributed before the game, but the "Zwädd" was more than an equal opponent on that day.

Right from the start, the wambe was keen to keep the rooms very tight in their own half. So the guest had his problems and very quickly became restless in the team. The "Zwädd" was lucky after ten minutes that a handball in the 16er was not punished and to anticipate it, it would have been the only justified penalty in this game. After 19 minutes, Manuel Allard used an unsuccessful defense in the penalty area to make it 1-0. After 28 minutes, the first unjustified penalty for Kleinblittersdorf. To everyone's surprise, after a clean tackle, it was shown to the point, the due penalty was converted to 1: 1. Shortly before the break, an own goal after a corner kick earned them a 2-1 lead again.

The front-runner had a very strong phase right after half-time and equalized after a 54 minutes with a shot from 16 meters to 2: 2. In the 65th minute the next absolutely unjustified penalty. The opponent dropped on the corner of 16. If anything, that would have been a free kick because the scene was outside the box. The penalty was converted to 2: 3. After that the "Zwädd" was again on the pusher. Up to the 79th minute when Jens Lorang had to leave the field with yellow-red. Lorang had been charged with yellow, but it was the first foul after the warning. Without further admonition, the dismissal directly - that too was more than questionable. The score increased to 81: 2 in the 4st minute. Another unauthorized penalty, this time on our side, could be used by Hendrik Grätz for 3: 4. In added time, Grätz had the chance to equalize, but the shot was blocked. So it stayed at 3: 4.

Usually there is not much written about referee performance in our reports, but what went on last matchday does not go under the cow skin. You can't blame the team. They gave everything, played well and demanded everything from the leaders. If you subtract all serious wrong decisions, at least one draw would have been possible and absolutely deserved. This good performance is now to be taken along in the coming weeks and to score again in order to widen the gap downwards again.


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press report written by Spvgg Quierschied: Jan-Erik Schlicker