Stranger sets fire to paper bin

Merchweiler / Wemmetsweiler, Talhübel (ots) - On Friday (October 02.10.20nd, 05) there was a fire brigade in the street Talhübel in the Merchweiler district of Wemmetsweiler in the early morning hours. Around 30:5000 a.m., a resident reported the fire of a paper bin to the Neunkirchen police. When the emergency services arrived at the site, the flames had already spread to a residual waste bin and a mobile home parked behind it. A full fire of the vehicle could only be prevented and the fire finally extinguished by the rapid fire brigade deployment. There was material damage of approx. XNUMX euros. Corresponding criminal proceedings have been initiated. Anyone who can give information about the previously unknown perpetrator is asked to report to the Neunkirchen police.

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Originally written by: Police inspection Neunkirchen

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