Stranger steals defibrillator

| Image: Police Directorate Kaiserslautern
| Image: Police Directorate Kaiserslautern

Merzig (ots) - On Tuesday, August 18.08.2020, 13, around 40:XNUMX p.m., a previously unknown man stole a defibrillator from the business premises of the United Volksbank eG, Besseringen branch, Bezirkstrasse.

According to previous knowledge, the perpetrator removed the emergency device from an unlocked wall box and then fled.

The stolen defibrillator is yellow and comes from Heartsine, model Samaritan 500P. The theft caused the Herzensengel eV property damage amounting to 1.500 euros.

The theft was recorded by a camera. Accordingly, the perpetrator has a slim stature with a slight belly and was dressed in an orange T-shirt, white and dark patterned, knee-length trousers, white sneakers (possibly brand Adidas) and a dark peaked cap with a print on the left. The man actually wore dark face mask and had a bunch of keys around his neck.

Please send relevant information to the Merzig Police Inspectorate, phone 06861/7040.

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