Uber calls for changes to the law in Germany

The CEO of the mobility service Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, calls on Germany to change its laws in the interests of the company.

“Germany still has a lot to do with passenger transport law,” said Khosrowshahi to “Welt am Sonntag”. “A rule such as the obligation to return a rental car between two trips has dropped out of time, it leads to unnecessary empty trips. This rule is pointless in a country that attaches so much importance to environmental protection. "

The regulation prevents Uber from expanding its service to smaller cities and makes it difficult to switch to electric cars. Khosrowshahi sees his company as a leader in the transformation of mobility. "Just as Tesla leads the production of electric cars, we want to lead in the electrification of the transport networks," he said.

He also promised electric air transport in the city: "For the commercial mass market, they are realistic in ten years." It should not be an offer only for the rich, but for everyone. When it comes to autonomous driving, he is hoping for a cooperation with the Alphabet subsidiary Waymo. “We want Volkswagen, Ford, Tesla and Waymo vehicles in our network. However, the journeys must be safe and approved by the local authorities. "

The Uber boss expects his company to recover quickly after the crisis. "We believe our demand will come back quickly after the crisis - and possibly even faster than public transport," said Khosrowshahi. Then Uber should make a profit for the first time: "We are confident that we will be profitable overall next year."