Drunk driving with subsequent act of resistance

| Image: West Palatinate Police Headquarters

Völklingen-Wehrden (ots) - Early on Monday evening there was a drunk driving on the Wehrden bridge, followed by an act of resistance. First, the police in Völklingen were informed that a drunk man had got into a black Mercedes Benz on Schaffhauser Strasse and drove off in the direction of Rathausstrasse. The 43-year-old was finally stopped in the street Zur Turnhalle by a patrol command. Before that, he had driven the car over the Wehrdener Bridge at excessive speed and in sharp serpentine lines. Because of his alcoholic influence, the man should be brought to the office. He initially followed this measure and got into the patrol car. He then hit the window of the patrol car from the inside several times. When trying to fixate the 43-year-old, he kicked the deployed officers and insulted and threatened them. Ultimately, the man was taken to the office, where a blood sample was taken (2,26 per thousand). In addition, the man did not have a driver's license. Several criminal proceedings have been initiated.

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Originally written by: Police inspection Völklingen

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