Three KKSaar doctors recognized as "Top Medic"

Sulzbach Clinic | Image: Knappschaftsklinikum Saar GmbH
Sulzbach Clinic | Image: Knappschaftsklinikum Saar GmbH
Success for the doctors in the Knappschaftsklinikum: Three doctors from the Knappschaftsklinikum Saar were awarded a total of 6 prizes.

In the current list of doctors "Germany's Top Medic" by Focus Gesundheit magazine, three doctors from the Saar Knappschaftsklinikum are again represented with a total of 6 awards.

Dr. Matthias Maier, cross-site chief physician for internal medicine at the Knappschaftsklinikum Saar, is one of the best in his field in gastroscopy (gastroscopy), according to Focus.

As a top doctor in angiology (vascular medicine) and as a specialist for the so-called shop window disease (PAVK, circulatory disorder of the legs), Dr. Christiane Jochum, head of the Vascular Center in Püttlingen, was awarded.

Prof. Dr. Peter Szurman, chief physician of the Sulzbach Eye Clinic, is one of the leaders in the areas of retinal, corneal and diabetic eye diseases.

Focus magazine has been publishing lists of the leading medical professionals in Germany for more than 20 years.

The assessments are based, among other things, on surveys of clinicians and resident physicians who assess the quality of their colleagues. In addition, the satisfaction of the patients, the number of publications, information on the treatment spectrum and the specialization in the treatment of patients are included in the evaluation.

“Only doctors with above-average results and many recommendations made it onto the doctor's list,” said the Knappschaftsklinikum.

Picture sources:

  • Sulzbach Clinic: Knappschaftsklinikum Saar GmbH