Thomas Müller (FC Bayern), about dts
Thomas Müller (FC Bayern), about dts

Thomas Müller compares Hansi Flick with Pep Guardiola

Bayern Munich striker Thomas Müller sees parallels in the work and tactics between the coaches Pep Guardiola and Hansi Flick.

"Our game was last regulated similarly clearly under Pep Guardiola," said Müller of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" (Saturday edition) in relation to the tactics of FC Bayern. "Although every player was allowed to add an individual grade to his position due to his preferences, strengths and weaknesses, this position always had a clear task."

Müller also talks about the importance of communication on the soccer field, which has become even more important in ghost games. It is interesting to experience the consequences of your own reputation, said the former international. “In a full stadium you scream something, but you never know whether the teammate really responded to the calls. It's different in an empty stadium. ” Flick would explicitly request this form of communication from him. “It is the case that I have given my instructions in recent years. But Hansi Flick has now deliberately given me this task again, ”said Müller. He himself would personally benefit from the better structure of the Bayern game. “I need what you journalists always call 'automatisms'. If two players don't even have to look at each other to know what's going to happen, then I'm good, ”said the striker. Incidentally, he would not describe his own game as "free improvisation" - but rather as a "determined way of playing". Müller does not see the fact that the Munich team is now going into the final Champions League tournament with a break: "After the Corona break, we saw for ourselves how quickly hard work paid off." Müller would describe a possible departure of the service providers Thiago and David Alaba as “extremely bitter”. "Both give the team a lot, especially in this constellation, with this coach and this style of play." He would like them to stay.

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