The St. Ingbert city council met again in full

City Councilor St. Ingbert
A look at the city council of St. Ingbert | Image: Maria Müller-Lang
The last city council meeting before the summer break took place again in full. After about three hours the session in the town hall was over.

Among other things, it was about the supplementary budget 2020. As reported by the administration, the 1st supplementary budget for 2020 was adopted. This had become necessary because in the current year payments had to be made for construction measures, especially in the kindergarten area, which were not budgeted.

Construction price increases for current investment projects were taken into account.

As the administration reports, the effects of the corona crisis are not shown in the supplement 2020, since this was already set up at the end of March.

According to the press office, it is already becoming clear that considerable losses in the area of ​​tax revenues can be expected.

Around the St. Ingberter KiTas

The topic of "KiTa contributions" was also up for vote: The parents' contributions of the municipal daycare centers will be adjusted as of August 01.08.2020st, XNUMX. With the introduction of the law on the further development of quality and participation in child day care (Gute-KiTa-Gesetz), the aim is to reduce the burden on parents in the Saarland from paying contributions. With the funds made available by the federal government, the pro rata parental contributions are therefore reduced annually.

Acceptance of non-eligible recognized investment costs KiTa St. Francis - Creation of additional kindergarten places by a Outer group

In order to create childcare places, the St. Franziskus daycare center will expand the existing facility with another group for 25 children by purchasing round cars. With a resolution dated February 27.02.2020, 30, the city will contribute 25% of the cost of purchasing round cars. The project was discussed in advance with the state and district youth welfare office, the district agrees to the measure and will finance it, subject to the creation of XNUMX kindergarten places.

Substitute new building, St. Konrad day care center

According to the city council, the current structural condition of the St. Konrad day care center on Karl-Custer-Straße requires urgent action.

Due to the significantly increased need for kindergarten and crèche places, it is urgently necessary to expand the childcare offer as quickly as possible. A voluntary citizen participation was carried out with the aim of involving the citizens in the process at an early stage. This should include trends so that the later recommendation of the city administration to the city council also takes citizens' interests into account.

The administration announces: "After careful consideration and taking all aspects into account, the city administration recommends variant 2. The property variant 2 (urban property behind the gardens of the residents of the street Zur Schnapphahner Dell below the district special school) is owned by the city and is located directly on the edge of the forest. Including the forest in the daycare facilities is also very possible here - the adjacent forest is owned by the city".

Beds for partner island

The city of St. Ingbert received a request from the German-Greek Assembly to support the Greek partner island of Chios. As part of the current Covid 19 pandemic, 100 beds are needed there to increase hospital capacity, the administration said.

The city of St. Ingbert says it currently has around 600 beds, which were procured in 2015 to accommodate refugees. The city council unanimously decided to hand over 100 beds to the partner island.

The transport costs to Chios are covered by the German-Greek assembly.

Picture sources:

  • City Councilor St. Ingbert: Maria Müller-Lang