Date notice Ceremonial swearing-in of the police inspector candidates

Büchenbeuren (ots) - Prime Minister Malu Dreyer and Interior Minister Roger Lewentz take part in the ceremonial swearing-in ceremony for the police commissioner candidates on Friday, September 18, 13 p.m., on the sports field of the police campus, University of Police Rhineland-Palatinate, 55483 Büchenbeuren. The 22nd and 23rd Bachelor's degree in Police Service will be sworn in with a time delay this year. The director of the Police College, Friedel Durben, speaks at the welcome. Prime Minister Malu Dreyer gives the keynote address for the 22nd course. The swearing-in is carried out by the police inspector, Jürgen Schmitt. The event is musically framed by an ensemble from the Rhineland-Palatinate State Police Orchestra. The representatives of the media are cordially invited to report. Registration is required by Thursday, 14 p.m. at You are asked to observe the distance rules and to wear an everyday mask. The swearing-in will be broadcast live on YouTube:

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Originally written by: Police College

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