Speed ​​violations in the 30 zone

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection
| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Mehlingen (Kaiserslautern district) (ots) - The police discovered 20 violations of the maximum speed limit on Wednesday morning during a traffic control at the primary school in Mehlingen.

The officers targeted the approaching vehicles with a laser measuring device for around two hours. Most of the “speed drivers” who were caught in the 30 range during this time got away with a fee-based warning.

One driver, however, was well above the limit at 60 kilometers per hour. He can expect an expensive fine and at least one point in Flensburg. In addition, a driver received an inspection request because he did not have his driver's license with him. | elz

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Originally written by: Police headquarters West Palatinate

The text is a press release from the West Palatinate Police Headquarters. The text was not edited or changed by our editorial team. POL-PPWP: Speed ​​violations in the 30 zone