Taxi driver robbed at Homburg train station

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Homburg (ots) - On Wednesday, August 26.08.2020th, 03, around 40:61 a.m., there was a theft at the Homburg station forecourt to the disadvantage of a XNUMX-year-old taxi driver. Under the pretext of wanting to change money, the perpetrator caused the taxi driver to take out his wallet. The perpetrator took advantage of this moment, he snatched the wallet, in which the daily income was, from the taxi driver's hand. The perpetrator then escaped with the loot, presumably on foot in the direction of Robert-Bosch-Straße.

The perpetrator is described as follows: approx. 25 years old, approx. 185 cm tall, normal stature, German, wearing a gray hooded jacket and dark sweatpants.

Witnesses who can provide relevant information about the crime are asked to contact the Homburg police (06841/1060).

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