Pickpockets are (unfortunately) skilled

| Image: West Palatinate Police Headquarters

Kaiserslautern (ots) - While shopping, a woman from the city area became a victim of pickpockets on Wednesday. According to the 66-year-old, her purse was stolen from her handbag - although she carried the bag over her shoulder.

Accordingly, the thieves must have accessed a supermarket on Kurt-Schumacher-Straße between 12.40 and 12.50 p.m. The woman could not say on what “opportunity” the perpetrators pulled the wallet out of their pockets - no one had noticed anything suspicious. Only at the checkout did the 66-year-old realize that the wallet was no longer there. The perpetrators stole more than 200 euros in cash.

The police recommend: It is best to only take as much cash with you as you currently need. Make sure that the bag in which you are transporting the wallet is locked and that nobody has "easy access". Make it as difficult as possible for thieves, for example by carrying the bag close to your body and with the locks on the side of your body. In the case of open pockets (for example baskets) or bags that are carried on the back, it is advisable not to put the wallet and mobile phone "right on top" or to stow the wallet / mobile phone in the clothing. | cri

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Originally written by: Police headquarters West Palatinate

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