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Pickpocket chased on a mallet - who can give clues?

Kaiserslautern (ots) - An 80-year-old was robbed by a stranger on Sunday morning at Hammerwoog. A witness chased the thief. The police are looking for the unknown helper. It could provide important information about the perpetrator.

The senior had been the victim of a pickpocket around 10am. The 80-year-old was sitting on a bench at the Blechhammerweiher when the perpetrator grabbed his wallet and stole the wallet. The thief ran up a slope towards Königsberger Strasse. He could be around 16 to 18 years old. The stranger is narrow in stature and has a round face. He was wearing long red trousers, a dark t-shirt, sneakers and a so-called baseball cap. The man spoke German.

A stroller chased the thief. It is not known whether he caught up with him or can provide information on the perpetrator. The identity of the witness has not been established. The walker is asked to contact the Kaiserslautern police. The police in Kaiserslautern are receiving information on the incident on 0631 369 2620. | erf

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Originally written by: Police headquarters West Palatinate

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