Bargaining round in the public service: VKA president optimistic

Employees, about dts
Employees, about dts
Despite the fierce criticism of the trade unions on the offer from the federal government and municipalities, the negotiator of the municipal employers (VKA) was optimistic about the third round of negotiations on 22/23. Voiced in Potsdam in October.

"We want to get through this week - if possible in two days," said VKA President Ulrich Mädge of the "Stuttgarter Zeitung" and the "Stuttgarter Nachrichten" (Monday editions). "Of course everyone has to move around in the next few days, but I believe that the offer clearly signals our willingness to compromise."

It is "realistic and responsible" because it is "clearly oriented towards the economic situation of the municipalities", said Mädge. He sees his counterpart, Verdi boss Frank Werneke, so that he too wants a compromise. "You can see that we have already come closer to each other in the healthcare sector," said Mädge. “And an offer is never the result.” So far, the federal government and local authorities have offered a wage increase of 3,5 percent in three stages over a period of 36 months. If there is a failure in the third round, Mädge refuses to call the arbitrator. "We will not ask for the arbitration - nothing better would come of it either." And it was "just not the time of the arbitration," he said. “The public would not understand at all if we could not come to an agreement in spite of the unprecedented crisis situation.” The VKA negotiator criticized the warning strikes of the trade unions. "I don't think the mobilization was necessary at all," he said. "The strikes are not effective either."

Because surveys showed that the mood in the population was "half-half". "And if I strike local transport, which has absolutely nothing to do with this collective bargaining round in the public service, then from our point of view Verdi only wants to bring a few more people onto the streets," said Mädge.