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Archives: Fabian Abel (left) played against Trier again in the goal, Image: Lukas Mathieu

SVF with point win in Trier

Friedrichsthal water polo players fight for a 7: 7 with a strong final phase. The last games against Trier were hard to beat in terms of excitement and balance. The SSV won at the game in Friedrichsthal only in the final minute after the SVF had turned a 2-7 into a 10-9 after a brilliant chase. It was therefore good for this difficult task that 12 of the 13 players had been able to play at the tournament in Kaiserslautern. As in the previous games, Fabian Abel replaced goalkeeper Paul Kintzel, who looked after the team from the pool edge.

Thanks to good defense on both sides, it took until the third minute to score the first goal: Lukas Mathieu brought his colors 1-0 in the lead. As a result, however, the Friedrichsthalers missed their concentrated game a bit, played some bad passes and missed several goals. Despite the good defensive work of the guests, Trier was able to draw 3: 1 until the break and 5: 1 in the second quarter.

However, the SVF players did not let the Moselstadt players play as usual, but were brought up by player coach Andrzej Sczurkiewicz from the center position, Pascal Hinz from the back and Tobias Bauer with a free throw to a goal (4: 5). Trier won an extremely uneventful third quarter 1-0 and went into the last quarter with a lead of two goals. In this, the majority of the game was completely open (5: 6) after Tobias Bauer's goal.

Trier initially increased to 7: 5. Friedrichsthal subsequently missed another good opportunity, before Lukas Mathieu scored the goal just 1,5 minutes before the end and Pascal Hinz in the penultimate minute of the game brought the much-acclaimed equalizer to 7: 7. As a result, the Saarlanders had the opportunity to completely turn the game, but missed the last chance.

Due to the strong combative and united commitment of the team, who swam and worked self-sacrificingly for each other, especially on the defensive, and the strong team from Trier this season (20: 6 victory the day before against Neunkirchen), one can speak of a point win, on which the SVF would like to have two more followed at home against Ludwigshafen III.

It played: Fabian Abel (T), Oliver Krause (0 goals / 1 exclusion error), Yannis Künstle, Pascal Hinz (2/0), Nick Bärtschi, Markus Lambert, Andrzej Sczurkiewicz (1/1), Stephan Groß (0/1), Paul Kintzel, Lukas Mathieu (2/1), Thomas Pink, Maximilian Simonett and Tobias Bauer (2/0).

Report by: Lukas Mathieu

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