SVE: Our Elv brings the points from Koblenz

Current information from SV Elversberg - Active team Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
Current information from SV Elversberg - Active team Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
After our Elv last suffered an undeserved defeat at home, it worked again with the three points away: On Saturday, our team of trainer Horst Steffen celebrated at […]

After our Elv last suffered an undeserved defeat at home, it worked again with the three points away: On Saturday, our team of coach Horst Steffen celebrated a 4: 1 (2: 0) away win at the promoted Rot-Weiß Koblenz.

The SVE wounded camp had already thinned out during the week - after Oliver Oschkenat, Manuel Feil is now back in training. Nevertheless, our coach initially trusted the same Elv, who had performed well last week in their home game against second-placed TSV Steinbach Haiger.

A48H1200Effective first half brings the lead

At the Oberwerth stadium in Koblenz, both teams tried to exert greater influence on the game. Our Elv showed itself effectively at the beginning of the game in the goal finish and thus got the better start. Already in the 13th minute our captain Luca Dürholtz showed a nice combination with Israel Suero Fernández on the left after an Elversberg throw-in, screwed himself up to the five-meter space and then finished from an acute angle to the important 1: 0! Just a few minutes later, Sinan Tekerci ran into the opposing penalty area and was pulled off his feet - Suero Fernández converted the penalty due to a 2-0 lead (16th).

Nach den beiden Toren verflachte das Spiel dann allerdings etwas.  Koblenz versuchte seinerseits, immer wieder mit langen Bällen zu agieren und so vors SVE-Tor zu kommen. Unsere Abwehr hielt die Bälle aber ab und ließ die Rot-Weißen bis auf eine Ausnahme in der Anfangsphase nicht zum Abschluss kommen. Unsere Mannschaft hatte also die Kontrolle über das Spiel, schaffte es aber trotz der komfortablen Führung nicht, weitere zwingende Möglichkeiten zu erspielen. So blieb es bis zur Halbzeitpause beim 2:0.

Rehfeldt and Merk decide the game

Coach Horst Steffen was not really satisfied with the appearance after the 2-0 lead - but that changed after the break. Our Elv put more pressure on the opponent and prevailed much better. At first, Dürholtz had another chance to score on the left, but was still blocked; in the subsequent corner, the header from Torben Rehfeldt also narrowly missed the Koblenzer box (48.). A few minutes later, Thomas Gösweiner (50.) and Patryk Dragon (51.) had two chances per head, but also missed the opportunity to extend the lead. Still, there was more fire in the game, and that was good. But it was in this phase that Rot-Weiß Koblenz also showed that the fight was not over. After an hour of play, our keeper Frank Lehmann was able to deflect the opponent's attack to the corner, but the host then fired the ball onto the second post, where Tomislav Baltic was able to prevail and headed the 1-2 goal 62.).

A48H1538The goal brought some excitement to the pitch, but it was short-lived. A few minutes after conceding the goal, our Elv went one better - with a strong volley from Torben Rehfeldt. After a SVE free kick Koblenz could not clear the ball properly, over three stations the ball landed in a high arc on the left in front of the goal, where Rehfeldt sensed his chance and shot the 3-1 with his left foot and full force (70.). With this hit, the host was finally cracked. The climber did not succeed in rearing up again, instead our Elv struck again. In the meantime Del-Angelo Williams (67./ for Mohr), Kai Merk (76./ for Gösweiner) and Mirza Mustafic (80./ for Suero Fernández) were on the pitch - and these substitutes paid off. In the 84th minute, after a corner kick on the left, Mustafic prevailed strongly in the duel and claimed the ball, then played the cross in front of the goal where Kai Merk rose in the air and headed to the 4-1 final score in the opposing box sunk.

Overall, it was certainly an expandable performance that our Elv had shown in Koblenz, but overall a deserved away win at Rot-Weiß. For our team, the next Thursday, October 03rd, will continue on the day of German unity. At 15.00 p.m. our team then receives FSV Frankfurt for their home game in the URSAPHARM arena on the Kaiserlinde.


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press report written by: Christina John


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