News from SV 07 Elversberg U21 / Saarlandliga | Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
News from SV 07 Elversberg U21 / Saarlandliga | Picture: SV 07 Elversberg

SVE U21: "Today we can do it on our own"

For our second team there will be an absolute showdown with the last home game against FV Eppelborn this Sunday at 15.00:21 pm - with a win the UXNUMX […]

For our second team there will be an absolute showdown today at 15.00pm with the last home game against FV Eppelborn - with a win the U21 could have an already very successful season with the championship and the associated promotion to the Oberliga Rheinland-Pfalz / Saar crown. Before the important game, we talked to coach Marco Emich about the importance of the game, his training impressions and the opponent.

IV Emich picture team - copyMarco, with a win today against FV Eppelborn you can make the championship and thus promotion to the top league perfect. Is that comforting or is it rather an enormous pressure situation?

Neither nor. I see this constellation as positive pressure. Simply because we can manage to become masters on our own today. We don't have to look at other teams. In Quierschied, too, it was seen that the situation does not hamper us. We played great there and deservedly won. We may not act too calmly, but I saw a team during training during the week that was very committed and focused. She has the will to just win this game!

Means: You will certainly like to accept this situation, right?

Definitely! It is always easier to need points for ascent than against descent. We are therefore happy about this situation.

You played a great round. How much would you give your team this championship?

Extreme! We just have a very young team and have been playing with only two experienced players since before the winter break, everything else is our own young players plus the additional players from the first team. Even though players have left us because of their studies or because of injuries or moves, the team shows such stable performances. In any case, I would be really happy, especially for our U19 boys who didn't make it to the Bundesliga last year and just barely failed there. With a win and the championship today, they could finally celebrate a deserved climb.

What game do you expect against Eppelborn today?

Eppelborn is a team that likes to play football and is very good at play. It has a high quality in its own ranks, so I expect a very open game. We want to win and have to win - Eppelborn, on the other hand, has nothing left to lose. I think this will be an interesting game for every viewer.

90 minutes of football and 90 minutes of passion to the big goal - what will be your job on Sunday as a coach?

I will behave normally, like before every game. In the session, as usual, I will address a few things about the opponent and I will prepare our team for the game. The boys all know what it's about. So I don't need to motivate them, they have a high level of self-motivation from the ground up. My job may be to tell my team again how good they are and that they will do it.

What did you give your team on the way during the week?

We trained normally throughout the week. The team showed a high level of motivation and motivation in the training sessions. In training we put a lot of emphasis on playful aspects. I personally think that if you talk too much about the peculiarity of this game, you may also unsettle the boys too much. Today is a normal game - that's how we go about it.

Thank you for the interview and good luck for this afternoon!


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press report written by: Christina John

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