News from SV 07 Elversberg U21 / Saarlandliga | Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
News from SV 07 Elversberg U21 / Saarlandliga | Picture: SV 07 Elversberg

SVE U21: Personnel overview of the NLZ Saar 2019/2020

The personnel planning in the NLZ Saar is almost complete for the coming season - in almost all areas and age groups, the line-up relates to the management, the departments and […]

The personnel planning in the NLZ Saar has almost been completed for the coming season - in almost all areas and age groups, the line-up regarding the management, the departments and the trainer teams is fixed!

In the plans for 2019/2020, it was of course important to continue the previous path and constant development, especially in relation to the club's regional and long-term youth coaches. Therefore, many well-known names will be found in the lists below. On the other hand, it is just as important to always provide fresh impulses in a targeted and targeted manner and to tackle innovations and changes accordingly at one point or another. Currently, only three assistant coach positions (U7, U8, U12) and the coaching position U8 are still open in the younger age groups, although these personal details will also be available in the near future. The current overview:

Personnel overview in the NLZ Saar 2019/2020
Head of the performance center: Jens Kiefer
Deputy Head: Fabio Fuhs
Administrative director: Thomas Immand
Youth leader: Jürgen Schuh

Departments and specialists
Athletics and rehabilitation trainer: Torsten Schuh
Goalkeeper training coordinator: Thomas Wiener
Trainer: Sascha Purket
Trainer: Volker Lefebre
Trainer: Andreas Tunkel
Sports psychologist: Stefan Christ
Pedagogue: Andreas Birk
Individual trainer: Steffen Bohl
Coordinator partner schools and driving service: Fabio Fuhs
Scouting: Volker Ruoff, Klaus Koch
Video analysis: Daniel Demmerle
Afternoon care: Rainer Schmidt

Football training and coordination

Basic area coordinator: Rouven Margardt

TeamTrainerAssistant coach
U7Simone Zumpanonn
U9Ores MexhuaniPainted Schürmann
U10Philipp MersdorfFotis Fotakakis
U11Burak maggotUgur maggots

Development Coordinator: Fabio Fuhs

TeamTrainerAssistant coach
U12Daniel Greennn
U13Uwe ScharbachMarkus Presser
U14Sven BorgardSebastian Nowack
U15Daniel KieferAdriano Zumpano

Coordinator of performance and transition area: Jens Kiefer

TeamTrainerAssistant coach
U16Kai DeckerPatrick Mathis
U17Sebastian SchummerRobin Kelkel
U19Jens KieferDaniel Demmerle, Uwe Forster
U21Marco EmichChristian Frank


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press report written by: Christina John

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