SVE: SVE series breaks in the home game against Offenbach

Current information from SV Elversberg - Active team Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
Current information from SV Elversberg - Active team Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
After twelve regional league games without defeat in a row, our Elv series broke on Monday evening. In the home game in the URSAPHARM-Arena on the Kaiserlinde, our team had to face the Offenbach Kickers […]

After twelve regional league games without defeat in a row, our Elv series broke on Monday evening. In the home game in the URSAPHARM-Arena on the Kaiserlinde our team had to suffer a 0-2 (0-0) defeat against the Offenbach Kickers.

As far as the SVE squad is concerned, however, there was positive news for the time being: Head coach Horst Steffen was back on Manuel Feil, who was still injured in the preparation week and was in the starting line-up. And after a long injury break, Israel Suero Fernández was back in the squad for the first time and came on as a substitute during the game.

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As far as the first Elv was concerned, there was only one change compared to the previous game against Bahlinger SC: Mirza Mustafic moved into the starting line-up for yellow-banned Thomas Gösweiner. And in front of 1.347 spectators on the Kaiserlinde, our Elv did more for the game than the opponent in this formation right from the start. Our team had the first big chance of the game in the 7th minute when Sinan Tekerci, after a cross from Lukas Kohler, started for the promising flight header in the five-meter area, but the lead goal failed to materialize. After Simakala had two chances in the following minutes (9/21), the next huge opportunity for our Elv came after about half an hour.

After a foul on Mirza Mustafic in the Offenbach penalty area, the referee decided on a penalty. Manuel Feil, otherwise a sure penalty taker, started but also missed the SVE leadership (27th). Our Elv stayed on the ball in the final quarter of an hour and kept trying to find the right way to the goal. In the 38th minute, Simakala appeared again, who stormed towards the guest goal after conquering the ball, but was unsuccessful in the end. In the entire first half, however, the guests from Offenbach did not really finish significantly. The opponent had one or the other approach, but our defense could mostly nip larger OFC opportunities in the bud. So it remained at the break with a goalless 0: 0.

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Even after the break, our Elv showed better football performance and initially had more of the game. After Simakala narrowly missed a cross from Manuel Feil after a ten-minute chance (56th), Feil tried a few minutes later after a cross from Fabian Baumgärtel, but did not put enough pressure behind the ball (61th). Shortly afterwards Offenbach was able to block another double chance for our Elv (64th) - and then the shock almost out of nowhere. In the 65th minute Offenbach put the counterattack on the field, substitute Marco Schikora was able to use the cross from the left and with the first real score to push the 1-0 for the OFC. A hit that our Elv had to let go first.

Our Elv shook briefly and continued to work to balance it out. But first the end was blocked by captain Luca Dürholtz (67.), then Simakala missed to insert from a short distance as a result of a corner kick (71.). The will to avert defeat was there - but it shouldn't be. While our team had largely squeezed their half of Offenbach in the last 20 minutes, the OFC stuck to its counterattack. And when our team finally took even greater risks in the last few minutes, Elv von der Kaiserlinde caught the second goal in added time, again through Schikora (90. + 3).

It was a bitter defeat that was not really necessary. But the view has to go forward - after all, there are only a few days until the next league game. The next home game for our Elv is scheduled for Saturday, March 14th in the URSAPHARM-Arena, at 14.00:XNUMX p.m. TSG Hoffenheim II will be a guest on the Kaiserlinde.


Elversberg: Lehmann, Kohler, Dragon, Feil (84./Winter), Dürholtz, Tekerci, Mustafic (64./Suero Fernández), Baumgärtel, Simakala (74./Williams), Schweers, Rehfeldt

Offenbach: Draband, Dierßen (42./Schikora), Zieliecki, Campagna, Weil, Vetter, Firat (86./Hecht-Zirpel), Garic, Lemmer (80./Pyysalo), Albrecht, Reinhard


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press report written by: Christina John

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