SVE: Saarland Cup winner !!! Our Elv wins the final!

Current information from SV Elversberg - Active team Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
Current information from SV Elversberg - Active team Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
What. For. A. Thriller. Our Elv won the Saarland Cup final against FC Homburg - and that in an incredibly exciting game. First the deficit, then the lead, then equalize [...]

What. For. A. Thriller. Our Elv won the Saarland Cup final against FC Homburg - and that in an incredibly exciting game. First the deficit, then the lead, then equalization and extension. After all, the penalty shoot-out had to serve as the basis for the decision - and it would then be in our team's favor. Our Elv won 7: 6 against FC Homburg and can now look forward to the DFB Cup and FC St. Pauli.

A48H2690 - copyBefore the nerve-wracking penalty shootout, 120 minutes of pure excitement were announced in the cup final. Both clubs were able to fall back on the (almost) complete squad in terms of personnel, with our Elv, as is known, only Mirza Mustafic (shoulder) was missing. Frank Lehmann, Patryk Dragon, Manuel Feil, Sinan Tekerci and Robin Fellhauer as well as Kevin Conrad, Eros Dacaj, Israel Suero Fernández, Luca Schnellbacher, Fabian Baumgärtel and Torben Rehfeldt played for our team from the start.

In the first half, it quickly became apparent that the final would be a highly competitive game. Both teams threw themselves into it, but in the first 45 minutes there weren't too many dangerous situations in front of the gates. For Homburg, Patrick Dulleck scored a missed offside goal (35th), the best opportunities for our Elv were with Patryk Dragon, who shot just past the left from 20 meters (20th) and Manuel Feil, who unfortunately finished with a Dacaj free kick hit the left post (32nd). After the break, the game picked up even more speed in this respect, got wilder and more emotional. The trigger was the early Homburg goal after the restart. In the 53rd minute, a further throw-in from Tim Stegerer landed at Marcel Carl, who briefly stopped the ball and then pushed it over the line from close range to make it 1-0. But our Elv immediately showed the right attitude and continued to work. After an equalization opportunity from the game by Dacaj (58th), our Elv also proved its strength in standards. After a good chance from Tekerci was distracted by Homburg's goalkeeper David Salfeld, Dacaj brought the next corner kick into the center, where Patryk Dragon put on a powerful header - and scored! The ball hit the right corner of the goal to make it 1: 1, equalizing in the 60th minute.

A48H0967In this phase of the game our Elv dominated more and more. After further opportunities by Schnellbacher (64th) and Dacaj (69th), a corner kick again gave our team the lead in the 70th minute. Again Dacaj provided the template, this time Luca Schnellbacher was spot on and pulled off with a volley decrease strong and flat. The 2: 1, our Elv had turned the game! In the final phase of regular time, however, it got hectic again - both teams occasionally came up with good goal-area scenes, one of which in turn led to a goal. In the 89th minute, a long Homburg ball landed at Loris Weiss, who played off Robin Fellhauer and Frank Lehmann in the sprint and scored the late equalizer from a tight angle to 2-2 and thus brought about extra time.

What a show of strength - both teams gave full throttle in extra time too, and despite occasional cramps, they kept going for fast moves and counterattacks. Our Elv had a few opportunities in extra time to bring about the decision before the penalty shoot-out. Among other things, however, Tekerci failed with a header (95th) and the substitutes Thomas Gösweiner (96th/102nd) and Del-Angelo Williams (104th/115th). But Homburg also threw himself in, in addition to an overhead kick (96th) and a header from Damjan Marceta (104th), Marcel Carl had a huge chance in the last minute of extra time with a long-range shot, but put the ball just to the left of the goal (120.). Even after extra time it was 2-2 - decision by penalty shoot-out!

A48H1757And here too it should be really exciting again. Homburg only gained the advantage after our Elv missed Williams in the first attempt. But then Frank Lehmann was there for the third attempt by the FCH and held Tim Stegerer's ball. After five rounds and SVE goals from Baumgärtel, Gösweiner, Dürholtz and Suero, the score was 6: 6, even on penalties. And it was tough. Damjan Marceta took the first penalty - but Frank Lehmann was there again and grabbed the thing! Match point for our Elv, but Kevin Conrad made it exciting again when he put the ball to the left of the box. Seventh round. Stefano Maier got to the point for Homburg, shot to the right, Frank Lehmann had the right corner again, got the ball with his fingertips and steered it to the post, from where the ball jumped back into the field! Another chance for our team. Sinan Tekerci walked calmly to the penalty spot, straightened the ball, didn’t hesitate and smacked the ball right into the mesh! The goal to 7: 6 for our Elv - the final score in an incredibly exciting game!

After the gate there was no stopping! Our Elv stormed the winning goal scorer, celebrated and danced after the successful final! What a game, what a win. Our Elv is the Saarland Cup winner and can now look forward to making it into the DFB Cup, where Elv von der Kaiserlinde will meet FC St. Pauli in September.


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press report written by: Christina John

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