SVE: NLZ: U19 and U17 win at the beginning

Current information from SV Elversberg - Active team Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
Current information from SV Elversberg - Active team Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
All in all, it was a positive opening weekend in our NLZ Saar. In the Regionalliga, both the U19s in Koblenz and the U17s at home against Saarbrücken scored three points, [...]

All in all, it was a positive opening weekend in our NLZ Saar. In the Regionalliga, both the U19s in Koblenz and the U17s at home against Saarbrücken scored three points, while the U15s suffered a narrow defeat against 1. FC Kaiserslautern.


All results from the NLZ Saar at a glance:


Our A-Juniors were able to win their start in the Regionalliga Südwest away against Rot-Weiß Koblenz with 4: 1 and secure three points. Our team got off to a better start, with the opening goal already in the 4th minute when Anton Ziegler worked well and brought the cross to the second post, where Fabio Lanfranco pushed in to make it 1-0. Almost immediately after the restart, the hosts put in a good counterattack, Hassan Kesikci completed the attack with the equalizer to make it 1: 1 (5th). After that, the game was even for a few minutes, but with the renewed opening goal of our U19s everything went in the right direction again: Grischa Walzer brought a corner kick to the second post, where Sebastian Saftig's head scored 2-1 (19. ). A good ten minutes later, Walzer converted another corner directly to 3: 1 (31st). From this point on at the latest, our U19s had the game under control, were the better team and had a really good chance thanks to Batikan Sonsuz, among other things, but at the break it stayed 3-1. After changing sides, our team had more options according to standards, but missed putting the lid on completely. Koblenz tried again in the final phase with a series of long balls - once it got really exciting, Florian Barth in the SVE goal showed a great reaction in a one-on-one with the hosts in the five-meter space and held the two-goal lead. And in the last minute of stoppage time, our boys scored the fourth goal after all: After a free stroke and Tiziano Pompa's header extension, Anton Ziegler ran to goal alone and scored the 4-1 final score (90 + 3). "Overall, a deserved victory," said coach Daniel Demmerle later: "Nevertheless, overall we still have room for improvement."

The next game will be played by the U19 on Saturday, September 12th at 16.00 p.m. at home against JFG Saarlouis / Dillingen.


Strong opening win for our B-Juniors! The regional league opener promised excitement for our U17s in advance - after all, the first game of the season was against local rivals 1. FC Saarbrücken! And it should also be exciting: In a competitive game, our boys secured three points with a 2-0 win. After the initial phase was a bit hectic, our boys were able to gain control over the game over time - and that was also reflected in the first goal! After a nice combination of Dario Kabongo and Lukas Allhof, a rebound landed at Lasse Eckstein, who was able to insert from close range to 1-0 (37th). With the narrow lead it went into the break, but even after the break, our team kept the reins in hand, did not allow the opponent any compelling chances and so far had everything under control. Due to the close result it remained exciting for a long time, but shortly before the end of the game, Kabongo made the decision! The preparatory work was done by Nino Keuper, whose strong long-range shot could still be directed to the crossbar by the opposing keeper, from there the ball jumped back into the field, where Dario Kabongo was able to dust off to 2-0 (73.). The result was the start and the first derby of the season. “It was the expected difficult first game of the season. But after the hectic initial phase we got more and more control of the game and in the end we deserved to win, ”said U17 coach Kai Decker.

The next game for our U17 is this Sunday, September 13th. Then the B-Juniors will compete in the first away game at TuS Koblenz at 14.00 p.m.


Our C-Juniors lost 1: 1 at home in the Regionalliga Südwest at the start against 2. FC Kaiserslautern. Above all, the performance in the second half was appealing. In the first half, our U15 struggled a little and had too much respect for their opponents. In a game that was initially still muddled, Kaiserslautern did not have a clear chance either, but was able to take the lead in the 30th minute with a Sunday shot from almost 9 meters. In the further course of the first half our team had two good chances to equalize, but Can Richy Tatar could not use a rebound from the goalkeeper from close range and a mistake by the Lauterer goalkeeper who had not cleared the ball properly under pressure our boys do not recycle either. After changing sides, things went up again: Our team was much braver and took control of the game. After a good pressing action and the cross from Jannis Erbel, Can Richy Tatar finally scored the deserved equalizer to 1: 1 (38th). Two minutes later, however, there was a controversial penalty for FCK, which the guests converted to another 2-1 lead (40th). “We didn’t let ourselves be discouraged, we stayed on the trigger, but unfortunately we couldn’t equalize”, says coach Sebastian Schummer: “In the end, we could do more, mainly because of the strong second half. One point would definitely have been deserved. Nonetheless, the good performance from the second half can definitely be built on. "

The U15 continues this Saturday, September 12th, with the away game at TuS Koblenz. The game starts at 14.30 p.m.


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press report written by: Christina John

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