SVE: No points in Ulm - our Elv is defeated away

Current information from SV Elversberg - Active team Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
Current information from SV Elversberg - Active team Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
In the first away game of this regional league season and the official season opener, our Elv deservedly had to leave the points to the opponent. Against the SSV Ulm 1846 football team that was better on that day […]

In the first away game of this regional league season and the official season opener, our Elv deservedly had to leave the points to the opponent. Our team lost 1846: 0 (2: 0) on Saturday against the SSV Ulm 1 football team that was better on that day.

In the run-up to the game in the Danube Stadium, our trainer Horst Steffen had to rotate during the line-up. For Israel Suero Fernández, who was injured after a foul in the game against Gießen, Manuel Feil moved into the starting line-up. Otherwise, the same Elv ran up that had scored three points in the home game a few days earlier.

A48H4285It was clear that it would be another challenge against Ulm. A competitive game developed against the SSV from the start. The first quarter of an hour was marked by aggressive pressing on both sides, although there were few goal area scenes to be seen, but both teams made a very committed impression. After a good 13 minutes there was a strange interruption in the game. Linesman Joschka Pfeifer bent his side so unhappily while trying to avoid the ball that he had to be treated on the foot and finally had to stop working early. Ulm was able to find a replacement, however, after a quarter of an hour the ball rolled again in the Danube Stadium.

After the interruption, the first chance in the game belonged to our Elv, after Luca Schnellbacher simply hit it after a pass from Luca Dürholtz from 16 meters, but failed to SSV keeper Niclas Heimann. A few minutes later, however, Ulm also started the attack - after a cross from the left, Fabian Baumgärtel and Ulms Tobias Rühle both rushed to the ball. Referee Cristian Ballweg saw a foul by Baumgärtel and gave a penalty, a decision worth discussing at least. In the 35th minute, Ulm's captain Johannes Reichert made his way to the point, stepped calmly and confidently converted to 1-0 for the hosts. This hit gave the SSV a boost. If the game was balanced before, the sparrows now took a little more hold of the reins. Rühle (38th) and Ardian Morina (42nd) had more big chances, but missed the second goal. On the other hand, our Elv came again in front of the Ulmer goal, but Sinan Tekerci (45th / 45th +12) and Luca Schnellbacher (45th + 5) were unsuccessful. With the 1-0 for Ulm it went into the break.

A48H4361Our Elv decided to equalize the narrow deficit for the second half - but that did not succeed that day. Some, albeit tight, bad passes meant that our team was unable to significantly influence the game after the break. Ulm, on the other hand, did better, was more physically present, waited for his chances and then combined through. About ten minutes after the restart, our Elv had to take two more punches. First Patryk Dragon had to be replaced injured (55th / Kohler came for him), then our team conceded the second goal. After our team lost the ball in the opponent's penalty area, Ulm quickly switched, ran the counterattack over three stops, half right, Tobias Rühle made it 2-0 for Ulm (57th).

Horst Steffen reacted again, bringing in striker Thomas Gösweiner (58th / for Dürholtz) another offensive force, perhaps to turn things around. But apart from a good header chance for substitute Gösweiner (64th), our Elv didn't want to run together much - Ulm remained the better team. The hosts could have increased even further, but Adrian Beck (61.) pulled just over the crossbar. After that, our team weakened itself when Sinan Tekerci instead rushed into the opponent while trying to get the ball, caught Michael Heilig hard on the leg and saw red (68th). When they were outnumbered it got even harder. Our Elv didn't give up, looked for the way forward, but didn't find it that day. There was another change, Maurice Neubauer came into the game with fresh strength for Manuel Feil (77th), but that didn't help much either. Ulm still had one or the other opportunity, but missed the other chances. And so it stayed at the deserved 0-2 from our Elv's point of view.

Now it's time to come to terms with the defeat, then shake it up and attack again. Next weekend the DFB Cup game against FC St. Pauli (Sunday, September 13th, 15.30:16 p.m.) will continue, followed by another difficult away game in the league at VfB Stuttgart II (Wednesday, September 19.00, XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.) a little later Clock).


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press report written by: Christina John

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