SVE women 2nd team: "No one can separate good sisters"

News from the 2nd team of SV 07 Elversberg - Women's Football Department Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
News from the 2nd team of SV 07 Elversberg - Women's Football Department Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
Michelle and Celine Grewenig are not only sisters, they have also been playing together as a team for almost their entire life - they want to […]

Michelle and Celine Grewenig are not just sisters, they have been playing together for almost their entire life in a team - next Sunday at 16:45 p.m. they want to score with their team, the second FrauenElv in the top game of the Landesliga against the DJK Ensheim.

Grewenigs2In 1966 Franz Beckenbauer sang "No one can separate good friends" - If you look at the two Grewenig sisters, it should almost read: "No one can separate good sisters". The two have loved football since childhood and have since formed a duo that can count on and off the pitch. At the age of almost six, the two laced up their soccer shoes for the first time in wayside shrine and learned to prevail against boys. "We were often put in the back of the defense because the boys believed that we couldn't score anyways anyway - but we always stayed on and were accepted and became regular players with the boys." This will ultimately pay off and ensured a strong technique, better duel behavior and a pronounced speed. All of these skills were not unobserved in 2013 and Michelle Grewenig made the jump to 1.FC Saarbrücken in sighting training. For a few years the sisters' paths separated for the first time - at the same time Celine moved to Göttelborn. "In Saarbrücken, I played in the B-Youth first in the Regionalliga, then Junior Bundesliga and Regionalliga Women - but suddenly it was strange not to be on the pitch with my sister," Michelle said looking back. In Saarbrücken, the 21-year-old met Kai Klankert, today's head of the SVE women's department.

When asked which club represents their home club for the two, they spontaneously answer with "Göttelborn". “All of our relatives and grandma live here. We are rooted here and it feels like a big family, ”says Celine. They have been a duo of this family since 2016 and have been working their way in defense and midfield since then. The first hard setback followed in January of this year. Michelle tore her anterior cruciate ligament while playing and had to give up her favorite football for eight months. "The worst thing for me was having to stand on the sidelines and not being able to help" - "My sister supported me a lot and always drove to the appointments, which gave me a lot of strength". Eight months later, the injury is almost over, so that the first “small” assignment could be made against Ensheim. Despite a few failures, the team feels ready for the top game, because "we have an outstanding team spirit and are almost all best friends". In preparation for a cruise through Croatia, Greece and Italy.

The next trip takes the Grewenig twins to the summit and has the goal: leading the table.


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press report written by: Selina Wagner

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