SVE: Derby winner! Our Elv defeats FC Homburg

Current information from SV Elversberg - Active team Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
Current information from SV Elversberg - Active team Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
In a thrilling and hard-fought duel in the Homburger Waldstadion, our Elv meets once again - in the derby against FC Homburg on Saturday, matchday 6, our team won this [...]

In a thrilling and hard-fought duel in the Homburg Waldstadion, our Elv meets again - in the derby against FC Homburg on Saturday on the 6th matchday of this regional league season, our team turned a deficit and in the final 2-1 (1: 1) the three Points brought back to Elversberg!

Our coach Horst Steffen rebuilt Kassel compared to the 1-1 draw during the week against Hessen Kassel. On the left side of defense, Maurice Neubauer played for Fabian Baumgärtel from the start, in midfield center Eros Dacaj was allowed to play instead of Luca Dürholtz. Torben Rehfeldt could not play with calf problems, for him - as already against Kassel - Laurin von Piechowski was in the defense line.

A48H9149Tekerci compensates for FCH leadership

Coach Steffen wanted his team to react to the previous draw against Hessen Kassel - and the team in Homburg showed that too. The Elv von der Kaiserlinde got off to a better start in the game. Even if the hosts also showed a good performance, our Elv had more possession in the first minutes and found a few gaps in the FCH defense again and again. Eros Dacaj came to the end in the 5th minute after Luca Schnellbacher was put down, but his flat ball just missed the goal to the left. Shortly afterwards, Sinan Tekerci got the ball well in 16, but the action was still blown (6th). In the 9th minute, Israel Suero Fernández tried a lift from a good 25 meters over Homburg's goalkeeper David Salfeld, but the ball also landed just over the crossbar. Detached from the first goal currencies, our Elv also made a good impression in terms of play, and proved to be safe in the game and on the ball in the early stages. In the 15th minute, however, there was the first bad pass from the SVE defense - and he was punished directly. Homburg's Damjan Marceta secured the ball in the center circle, saw that our keeper Frank Lehmann was standing far in front of his own goal and quickly sent the ball over 40 meters into the SVE goal to give the FCH a 1-0 lead. It was practically the first real Homburg action in this game, but also a strong goal from Marceta.

After this goal our Elv had to shake briefly, Homburg used the minutes to do more for the game. In the 18th minute Marceta moved from ten meters, shortly afterwards Marcel Carl only hit the outside netting (20th). But then our team came back and started new, good actions. In a game that is now a little more open, Manuel Feil came to an end after a nice combination game, but Salfed deflected the conclusion to the corner (23rd). Shortly thereafter, however, the deserved equalizer fell! After a good pressing, Luca Schnellbacher captured the ball, Sinan Tekerci, who was also present, stole the ball, took a few more steps and then finished tightly to make it 1: 1 (25th)! Shortly before the break, both teams had scoring opportunities. On the side of our Elv, Tekerci was only centimeters missing after some good preparatory work and a pass from Schnellbacher to get the ball in front of Salfeld and insert it (38th), on the other hand it was again Marcel Carl who tried his luck, but again only the side netting met (41st). When the referee whistled for the break, it was 1: 1 on the scoreboard. With an overall balanced and lively first half also a suitable interim result.

A48H9491Feil's low shot decides the derby

After the break, the derby tipped a little more in favor of our Elv! Our team came back from the dressing room better and had more of the game. A long-range shot by Patryk Dragon shortly after the restart (47th) and the completion of Tekerci at the height of the 16th (50th) both went over the FCH goal. Nevertheless, our Elv indicated in which direction the Saar duel should now go. In the 60th minute there were two chances when Schnellbacher and then again Tekerci came to the end with their heads, but defensive player Ivan Sachanenko and goalkeeper Salfeld failed. During this phase, Homburg only came really dangerous in front of the SVE goal once, when Marceta and substitute Jannik Sommer failed because of the strongly reacting Frank Lehmann (63rd). Otherwise our Elv dominated - and then deservedly took the lead. In the 69th minute, Homburg was able to fend off an SVE corner and play it backwards, but Manuel Feil was spot on, held it flat and strong from the second row and slammed the ball from 20 meters past all feet into the lower left Toreck! The 2: 1 for our Elv!

A great goal! And afterwards our Elv acted cleverly, ran less risk, but was more concerned about being safe and secure in the back. This gave rise to further SVE opportunities through counterattacks. Substitute Kevin Koffi tried it in the 79th minute with a shot from the right, keeper Salfeld could only rebound, Sinan Tekerci put the margin over the goal from a tight angle. Kevin Conrad, who had headed chances with a few corners before, was really unlucky two minutes later when his shot hit the right post after a corner and jumped into Salfeld's arms from there (81). Shortly afterwards, Tekerci could have decided the game again when he came almost surprisingly free after an FCH template, but shot over the goal (83rd). The fact that the third SVE goal didn't want to fall made things exciting again at the back. Homburg threw everything forward again in the final minutes and actually came to a few sensible deals. In the 82nd minute, Lehmann and von Piechowski were able to clear Marco Hingerl together, in the last minute of stoppage time things got really exciting again when Salfeld also went forward as the keeper for the FCH corner kick. The ball also went into the SVE penalty area, but in the hustle and bustle nobody could really bring the ball under control. Seconds later, the referee ended a gripping Saar derby in the Waldstadion.

An away win that was deserved in the end due to the increased chances of our team and the greater playful dominance, especially in the second half. After this exhausting English week, our Elv can now breathe deeply again - next weekend it will continue in the URSAPHARM arena at home. In the next home game our team will play against FK Pirmasens on Saturday, October 10th at 14.00 p.m.


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