Waterpolo SVF - Kaiserslauterer SK
Water polo SVF - Kaiserslauterer SK, Image: Lukas Mathieu

SV Friedrichsthal loses to Kaiserslautern

In a close game, the SV Friedrichsthal water polo players emerge from the water as losers. Despite the best cast, it was not enough to defeat the Kaiserslauterer SK.

The previous games against Kaiserslautern have mostly taken place at eye level. This time, the victory in your own bathroom should be the end.

Already in the early minutes, you could see motivated SVF players, who did not manage to take a lead until the fourth minute. The defensive lines of both sides acted strongly and highly concentrated right from the start.

After the 1-0 lead for the Friedrichsthaler, an open game developed, which culminated in a 3: 3 break. Tactically, the Friedrichsthaler managed to pry off the opponent's space coverage, especially by shooting at the KSK goal.

In the second third of the game, the SVF came into the game better and was able to put its stamp on the game without being able to capitalize on the superiority.

Nevertheless, Kaiserslautern managed to come back and equalize to 6: 6 a few minutes before the end. 19 seconds before the end of the game, Kaiserlautern managed to take the lead with a direct free-throw goal and take the win.

A fairly high level of play of both teams ensured an entertaining match, in which the Friedrichsthaler would have deserved a tie. That leaves only the knowledge of having delivered a good game and now preparing for the Saar derby at SV Neunkirchen.

The following played: Paul Kintzel (T), Manuel Christmann (1 goal / 0 exclusion error), Yannis Künstle (0/1), Pascal Hinz (0/2), Nick Bärtschi (0/2), Markus Lambert, Andrzej Azczurkiewicz, Stephan Groß, Oliver Krause, Lukas Mathieu (1/1), Thomas Pink, Maximilian Simonett (1/2) and Tobias Bauer (3/1).

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  • Waterpolo SVF - Kaiserslauterer SK: Lukas Mathieu