SVF water polo Neustadt
SVF Wasserball Neustadt, Image: Lukas Mathieu

SV Friedrichsthal wins confidently on double match day

The SVF wins 19: 3 and 12: 3 against the third team of SC Neustadt (Friday, home) and WSV Ludwigshafen (Saturday, away).

After the narrow and annoying defeat against SSV Trier, the Friedrichsthalers had the opportunity on the double match day to show better performances and make up for the lost points. At first, however, the personnel situation seemed to have something against it: Paul Kintzel and Manuel Christmann dropped out for the goalkeeper position and Oliver Krause and Marius Schönberger as outfield players. Because of this, the team set up almost automatically for the first time.

On Fridays, this didn't matter much against a very young and talented team from Neustadt, which had attracted a lot of attention with a 6: 5 win in the home game against Trier. From the beginning, the SVF team were very safe in the defense and started to score goals very reliably after some missed opportunities. At half-time, the game was practically already decided at 8-0. In the final accounts there was a 19: 3 victory for Friedrichsthal, whereby 14-year-old Tobias Bauer was the most accurate with four goals in the home side and Fabian Abel showed some strong parades in the Friedrichsthaler Kasten.

The SVF team was also able to build on this secure support in Ludwigshafen on Saturday. If the hosts were able to break through the strong SVF defense, the goalkeeper was either with parades or a good position game on the spot. In the attack, the guests initially acted a little too imprecisely in terms of both the final pass and the conclusion. It was only in the fourth minute that Friedrichsthal scored the first goal. After the increase to 2: 0 and the connection goal by Ludwigshafen, it went with a 3: 1 lead in the first quarter break. In the second section, the WSV finally scored a goal (3: 2), because the SVF players were very concentrated and calm in attack and defense and finally led with 5: 2 at halftime. With exactly this style of play, the guests kept moving away over the duration of the game. The variable achievement of the goals was particularly good: Friedrichsthal was successful both in the standard attack, in the majority and by counterattack, which ultimately led to a confident 12: 3.

Now with 6: 2 points from four games, the Friedrichsthalers say goodbye to the winter break and prepare for the rest of the season in training and at the New Year's tournament in Kaiserslautern on January 13 and 14.

The following played:

Home: Fabian Abel (T), Holger Huber (3 goals / 0 exclusion errors), Yannis Künstle (1/0), Pascal Hinz (1/0), Nick Bärtschi (3/0), Markus Lambert (2/0), Andrzej Szczurkiewicz (1/0 ′), Stephan Groß, Niko Basters, Lukas Mathieu (2/0), Thomas Puink (0/1), Maximilian Simonett (2/0) and Tobias Bauer (4/0).
Away: Fabian Abel (T), Holger Huber, Yannis Künstle (1 goal / 0 exclusion error), Pascal Hinz (3/0), Nick Bärtschi (1/0), Markus Lambert, Andrzej Szczurkiewicz (0/2), Stephan Groß , Lukas Mathieu (1/0), Maximilian Simonett (1/0) and Tobias Bauer (3/1).

Report: Lukas Mathieu

Picture sources:

  • SVF Water Polo Neustadt: Lukas Mathieu