Alois Uder Cup SVF | Picture: Stefan Schmidt
Alois Uder Cup SVF | Picture: Stefan Schmidt

SV Friedrichsthal succeeds in double second stroke

SV Friedrichsthal organized the new edition of the Alois Uder Cup for the second time and achieved the second tournament victory in a row with the tournament in Gemmingen.

SV Friedrichsthal organized the new edition of the Alois Uder Cup for the second time and achieved the second tournament victory in a row with the tournament in Gemmingen.

On the days before the tournament, the anticipation in the Friedrichsthal camp was great, as not only had more teams than last year, but also two real hits with Thionville and Stuttgart. These two teams were the first team of hosts, WSV Ludwigshafen and Wasserfreunde Gemmingen in group A, while group B started the Masters from Ludwigshafen, Kaiserslauterer SK, SV 08 Saarbrücken and the second team from SVF .

The tournament started well for SVF II, they went 2-0 up against Saarbrücken and seemed to have everything under control. But they gave up the lead lightly and lost 4: 8 unnecessarily in the height. The SVF team also achieved the same result against the stronger team from Kaiserslautern, which was one of the tournament favorites. The second of the hosts further increased their performances against the Masters from Ludwigshafen in an exciting game (6: 6) and against the team of WSV Ludwigshafen (5: 9) on Sunday morning. The convincing win against Gemmingen (12: 4) avoided the last place and ended the tournament with a sense of achievement. Since the team had not previously played in this line-up and had to find each other, the placement was worse than would have been possible with the performances shown in the end. The achievements of youth players Niklas Stenger and Lennard Künstle, which were used for the first time in the men's area, were a cause for joy.

The first team was able to start the tournament with success. Against another favorite to win the tournament, PSV Stuttgart, you could win 7: 6. Initially, the SVF team were 1: 4 behind the team, which was occupied by several players from the previous second division season, but then they showed morale and were able to take the lead for the first time through Lukas Mathieu. Tobias Bauer expanded this so that the connection goal of the Swabians was irrelevant. Against the strong team from Thionville, they were 1: 4 behind until they turned up 2 minutes before the end and reduced to 3: 4. The equalizer seconds before the final siren was wrongly not given. After safe victories against Gemmingen and Ludwigshafen, the SVF had to take the second round to make it through to the semi-finals. The SV 08 Saarbrücken, who played very well throughout the tournament, was not convincingly beaten 9-2 before the Kaiserslautern SK waited in the semifinals.

They had to compete against the first in Group B last year, losing out in the five-meter throw. Due to the failures of Tobias Bauer and goalkeeper Paul Kintzel, the omens were unfavorable. But with a strong team performance with an excellent press coverage, the Palatinate were overrun until it was 8: 1 in the second half (final score 9: 4). Holger Huber with brilliant parades and Maximilian Simonett with a goal from 17 meters away still stood out from the strong team. In the final there was again the opportunity to retaliate against Tobias Bauer against Thionville, who had won 5: 4 against PSV Stuttgart in a highly exciting and almost canceled game. In a high-class and balanced game, the SVF won 3: 1, but had to accept the equalization in the second half (3: 3). Maximilian Simonett initially established the lead before, after conquering the ball and preparatory work, Tobias Bauer played outstandingly two opponents and turned the ball over the head of the keepers to 5: 3 with his back to the goal. Two goals followed, which could not change the outcome of the final (6: 4). SV Friedrichsthal was presented with the Alois Uder Cup 2018 by Mayor Rolf Schultheis at the award ceremony.

Far more important, however, was the larger number of participants compared to the previous year and better staffing of the tournament. SV Friedrichsthal thanks all helpers in and around the association who made this event possible through their great work effort!

The following played:

SVF I: Paul Kintzel (T) / Holger Huber (T), Olver Krause (2 goals), Yannis Künstle (3), Pascal Hinz (9), Nick Bärtschi (8), Markus Lambert (5), Andrzej Szczurkiwiecz (6), Lukas Mathieu (6), Maximilian Simonett (8) and Tobias Bauer (15)

SVF II: Michael Bohrmann (T), Stephan Groß (3), Stefan Schmidt, Philipp Michel (2), Markus Lambert (3), Oliver Krause (2), Frank Spinner (6), Jochen Donnevert (1), Lucas Blechschmidt (2) , Holger Huber (5), Thomas Pink (5), Niklas Stenger and Lennard Künstle (2).

Picture sources:

  • Alois Uder Cup SVF: Stefan Schmidt