Strong support: Manuel Christmann in goal
Support in goal: Manuel Christmann from SV Friedrichsthal | Picture: Stefan Schmidt

SV Friedrichsthal: First canter victory, then defeat

First Neustadt is fired 24: 8 from the Friedrichsthaler Bad, then follows a 7:14 cup defeat against Freiburg and thus the end in the South German Cup.

The second team of SC Neustadt in Saarland made a guest appearance last Friday and had to do without both experienced players and the stronger players of the youth team, as they stayed in Neustadt the following day due to the second division game. Although the guests managed to make up for the first deficit immediately, this was the only scarce score. After the first quarter, the Friedrichsthalers led 9-1 against the guests, who played almost only with youth players, and had almost decided the game.

The second phase of the game, on the other hand, was characterized by mistakes in defensive and offensive behavior on the Friedrichsthal side, which resulted in a 3: 4-quarter result for the never-giving team from Neustadt. With the performance of the SVF team improving again in the third quarter, a clear 24: 8 victory was finally achieved.

Freiburg wins in the South German Cup

The opponent on the following Saturday was just as different as the upcoming competition: In the South German Cup, the Friedrichsthalers in St. Ingberter Bad blue expected SSV Freiburg. The Oberliga second from Baden-Württemberg started young and strong. Due to the absence of the regulars from Friedrichsthal Maximilian Simonett, Pascal Hinz and Tobias Bauer, this was an extremely difficult task for the hosts.

At first, however, this was solved well. You had to accept the 0: 1, but went ahead with two penalty throws brought out by Yannis Künstle and transformed by Andrzej Szczurkiewicz. As a result, however, simple mistakes were made several times and the Freiburg players were invited to score easy goals from the back (2: 5). Thomas Pink then shortened in the second quarter to 3: 5, whereupon the game continued for several minutes balanced. Several parades by Manuel Christmann made it possible for the Friedrichsthalers to launch campaigns on the offensive, which in this phase simply failed due to a lack of luck in the end.

The Freiburg played a clever space coverage, which forced the hosts to a large swimmer's use, since the long-range shots were too imprecise or luckless. This took revenge in the third phase of the game: the Friedrichsthalers were too slow several times to swim back and had no chance of victory after a disastrous 2: 7 quarter result. Although the final 2-0 in the last quarter testified to the good morale of the hosts, it was no longer able to bring Freiburg into trouble (7:14). Due to the lack of several regular players, the guests were too strong for the SVF, however, you did not play out the full ability of the team, and in some places you were not lucky with several deals that landed on the crossbar or post.

Friedrichsthal is therefore deservedly out of the South German Cup with two or three goals too high.

There is no breather for the Saarlanders: next Saturday it will be against WSV Ludwigshafen II, who was last successful in Trier, to expand the league lead in the league before the second team starts in Longwy (F) on Sunday. So there are two difficult away games in which the mistakes of the past weekend can be forgotten. Fabrice Wendel will be missing here and in the future, who will move back to Stuttgart after a year. For this, the Friedrichsthaler received an experienced newcomer with George-Marius Mihalache, which will be a significant reinforcement.

The following played:

against Neustadt II: Manuel Christmann (goal), Holger Huber (3 goals / 0 exclusion error), Yannis Künstle (6/1), Pascal Hinz (3/1), Oliver Krause, Stefan Schmidt, Andrzej Szczurkiewicz (2/0), Nico Baster ( 0/2), Rüdiger Schmadel, Lukas Mathieu (4/1), Thomas Pink (3/0), Fabrice Wende (0/1) and George-Marius Mihalache (3/1).

against Freiburg: Manuel Christmann (goal), Holger Huber, Yannis Künstle (1 goal / 0 exclusion error), Stephan Groß, Oliver Krause, Stefan Schmidt, Andrzej Szczurkiewicz (3/0), Nico Baster (0/1), Rüdiger Schmadel (1 / 1), Lukas Mathieu (1/1), Thomas Pink (1/0), Fabrice Wendel (0/1) and George-Marius Mihalache.

Picture sources:

  • Manuel Christmann from SVF: Stefan Schmidt