SV Elversberg: Our Elv defeats St. Pauli in the DFB Cup!

Latest news from SV Elversberg | Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
Latest news from SV Elversberg | Picture: SV 07 Elversberg
What a great game, what a team effort from our Elv! On Saturday afternoon, our team caused quite a stir in the first round of the DFB Cup - and the [...]

What a great game, what a team effort from our Elv! On Sunday afternoon our team caused quite a stir in the first round of the DFB Cup - and defeated the second division FC St. Pauli in the URSAPHARM-Arena with a 1: 4 (2: 2)! Pure emotions after a crazy game in which the victory was absolutely deserved.

Our Elv played the second division team dizzy at times on Sunday. Compared to the previous league appearance, there were two changes in the starting formation: On the left side of defense, Maurice Neubauer moved into the starting line-up for Fabian Baumgärtel, while the recovered Israel Suero Fernández came on for Luca Dürholtz.

A48H5432Our Elv turns the gap

The first action of the game belonged to our Elv: In the 4th minute Sinan Tekerci delivered the cross to Luca Schnellbacher, who saw that St. Pauli goalkeeper Robin Himmelmann was standing a bit far in front of the box and tried directly with a long lifter, the Ball landed on the goal net. Just a few minutes later, the guests from Hamburg came to their first scene in the game - and that led directly to the first goal. On the left side, Leart Paqarada had a lot of space, made a few meters and pushed the ball flat back in front of the goal, where Marvin Knoll met in the center to make the 1-0 lead for St. Pauli (7th). However, if you thought that the goal would give the second division team even more momentum, you were mistaken - because it was the other way around our Elv, who now really accelerated, completely took over the game and FC St. Pauli always with a strong start-up and pressing put under pressure again early and forced mistakes. The aggressive style of play was rewarded after a good quarter of an hour: Patryk Dragon snatched the ball from the feet of the opponent, pushed it straight on to Suero, who in turn served Luca Schnellbacher - and our striker pulled flat into the far corner to equalize 1: 1 from (17th)!

The emotions boiled over from the team to the fans - everyone was there, despite "only" 500 admitted spectators, a great atmosphere in the URSAPHARM-Arena. And that pushed our team even further forward. Under pressure, a tee shot by FCSP goalkeeper Himmelmann landed at Suero, who sent the ball straight back towards the goal with a lot of feeling - but centimeters were missing, the ball landed on the crossbar and jumped back into the field, and Tekerci's margin was very close past the box (21.). A few minutes later, the ball wriggled in the net again! A free kick from Dacaj from the right flank landed on the second post at Patryk Dragon, who pushed the ball over the line to give our Elv a 2-1 lead (26th)! What madness, the game was turned - and it was absolutely deserved. Our Elv was far from having enough and could have increased before the break when a corner kick was passed on from Dacaj to Schnellbacher, whose strong conclusion was intercepted by a good save by Himmelmann (29th). In the 37th minute Dragon came again from a promising position to finish, but did not hit the ball properly from close range and sent it over the goal. It stayed at 2-1 for the time being - an absolutely deserved break lead after 45 minutes, which clearly belonged to our team.

A48H5685Clear conditions on the Kaiserlinde

What a first half! And after changing sides? Well, it went on like that for now! Our Elv set an important exclamation point shortly after the restart: Sinan Tekerci extended a Dacaj corner with his head to the second post, there Robin Fellhauer rushed in and headed the ball into the net to make it 3-1 lead (48 .)! St. Pauli then gave a brief chance to sit up and take notice from Daniel Kyereh (51st), but our Elv kept the rudder in hand. After further chances from Manuel Feil (55th) and Sinan Tekerci (65th), our team made it 67-4 in the 1th minute: Maurice Neubauer played an eternally long but precise ball forward to the right from behind Side to Suero, who screwed his way through to the box and then passed the ball to Luca Schnellbacher who was running along - St. Pauli was a step too late and Luca Schnellbacher held out his foot. The next nice goal for our team, the second goal that day by Schnellbacher! A little later, our Elv could have put the lid on the lid when Maurice Neubauer ran into the penalty area on the left after an interaction with Sinan Tekerci, was fouled and took a penalty. Israel Suero sent the penalty over the goal, it remained at 4: 1 (72nd).

A comfortable tour of our Elv, St. Pauli did not give up yet. In the final phase, the guests came again in front of the SVE gate. Sebastian Olsson passed the ball from the right into the center, where Rico Benatelli came free from the second row and scored the 17: 2 connection from around 4 meters (78th). A little later, the substitute Lukas Daschner had the chance to score after a corner kick, but our goalkeeper Frank Lehmann was there and saved safely (81st). But nothing more happened on the part of the second division side. Our Elv ultimately brought the lead safely and well over time. An absolutely deserved victory after a really strong performance and a great game well worth seeing that our Elv delivered on that day.

A48H5374The joy of making it into the second round of the DFB-Pokal is huge - but which team our Elv will face next remains uncertain for a while. The draw for the 2nd round will take place on Sunday, October 2th. And it also takes some time until the next game: The next cup game is for Tuesday / Wednesday, 18./22. December, planned.

For our Elv it is now first of all to focus directly on the Regionalliga Südwest. Because there it goes straight on. The next away game at VfB Stuttgart II is already on Wednesday, September 16 (no spectators allowed), the next home game will take place on Saturday, September 19, from 14.00 p.m. in the URSAPHARM-Arena against TSV Schott Mainz.


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press report written by: Christina John

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