Southwest SPD and IG Metall are calling for a new stimulus package

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The SPD and IG Metall in Baden-Württemberg are calling for another stimulus package, which should also contain incentives to buy cars with internal combustion engines.

“The way out of the crisis will take longer than we had hoped. An economic stimulus package 2.0 is therefore needed, ”says a joint guest article by the SPD state chairman of Baden-Württemberg, Andreas Stoch, and IG-Metall district manager Roman Zitzelsberger for the“ editorial network Germany ”(Friday editions).

A digital, decarbonised industry that is successful all over the world is a nice goal. "But the idea that the economy could set out on this path all by itself was wrong even before Corona," the article says. Stoch and Zitzelsberger propose a state “innovation bonus” that is intended to promote the sale of more efficient consumer goods. "If a new purchase means a clear step towards less CO2, then you should support it," write the two authors. That must apply to the purchase of new refrigerators with lower consumption values ​​as well as to the replacement of old gasoline lawn mowers or the purchase of modern cars with combustion engines. "The formula would be: If the manufacturer also subsidizes and offers the purchase a significant CO2 saving, then the buyer will be supported directly with an innovation bonus," said Stoch and Zitzelsberger. The authors warn that there is a risk of noticeable growth in unemployment in the automotive and supplier industries without government aid. "Even now, the skid marks in Baden-Württemberg, for example, cannot be overlooked: According to the Federal Employment Agency, 2020 people were unemployed in Baden-Württemberg in July 280.700," the article says. "In Baden-Württemberg alone, almost 470.000 employees depend on the car, in Lower Saxony there are 250.000." In the opinion of the authors, the programs agreed with the first economic stimulus package do not help employees in the sectors particularly affected by structural change. “The VAT cut hardly has any steering effect. A purchase premium aimed only at pure e-mobiles is ineffective in view of the low availability and enormous delivery times ”, criticize the SPD politician and the trade unionists.

But both see an opportunity in the current crisis. “Many societies are currently under pressure to transform,” they write. "But hardly any other country has similarly good prerequisites for becoming a leading global provider of climate-neutral mobility and ecological industrial production in the digital age."