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Fir tree hunt

Display: Buy Christmas gifts with cashback

The Christmas season is just around the corner and with it the purchase of Christmas gifts for loved ones. With Ideal-Shoppen you not only save money in more than 1000 online shops, but also get money back with every purchase.

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EU-GH obliges employers to record working hours

According to a judgment of the European Court of Justice, employers in the EU must be obliged to record the working hours of their employees and not - as is usual in Germany, for example, only overtime. The ruling could have far-reaching effects on companies in Germany.

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Hand in hand with robots

Gigaset: Finally smartphones made in Germany again

There are smartphones with the label "Made in Germany" again. Gigaset produces its entry-level smartphone GS185 in Germany, more precisely in Bocholt. We spoke to Raphael Dörr, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at Gigaset, and inquired about the reasons for German production.

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The train travel comparison

Display: Relaxed on business trips by train

The epitome of business travel is air travel in “Business Class”. But there, too, it is often not more convenient or convenient, because the processing at the terminals is the same: Checking in and out takes a long time. This can be done more comfortably by train, because the journey begins there at the train station.

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