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Christmas candles - nice, but not entirely harmless

Be careful with an open fire: candles at Christmas time

With the beginning of the contemplative time, the apartments and houses are decorated with lights and candles. Burning candles spray Christmas romance in the living rooms. So that the Advent and Christmas season stays safe and is not disturbed by a visit to the fire brigade, you should absolutely observe some behavioral guidelines when handling candles and fairy lights.

Stretch ceilings

Time to modernize: stretch ceilings for private and commercial use

What used to be "modern" and "hip" is now old and out. Dark wooden ceilings, old-fashioned wallpaper - a condition that can often be found in apartments and houses.
Renovation backlog due to cost reasons or the worry that the construction project will turn the home into a construction site for weeks. Stretch ceilings can be a welcome alternative here, because they can be installed not only on ceilings but also on walls within a very short time.

Type of rose

In rose fever ...

The rose is arguably the most sung flower in the world. Whether it was Nana Mouskouri's white roses from Athens, whether it should rain red roses for Hildegard Knef, or whether Bon Jovi wanted to put his lover in a bed of roses, the rose stands for passion and love, beauty and elegance, sensuality and desire also for peace and death.

Colorful house facades

Colorful colors on the facade - caution is advised!

The penchant for individuality is also becoming increasingly important when designing facade surfaces. So you can find - also in Friedrichsthal - houses with exterior paintings in the colors "piggy pink", "poison green" or orange. But there are regulations that limit the color options in Saarland - but also in all other federal states: the state building code.

Pink-colored hardworking Lieschen

Plants for shade places

There are countless types of plants for sunny spots, but the choice is not that big for shady spots. But even here you can plant beautiful arrangements in boxes and tubs with flowering plants, which conjure up rays of light in shady places ...

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