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Advent story

3rd Advent: Christmas thoughts

Another year is almost over. It's cold outside and you're sitting more in the warm room again. So there is enough time to pick up some manual work, browse through a book, or enjoy entertaining games with friends, acquaintances or children. Our Advent story for the 3rd Advent.

Fall & Pumpkins

The autumn is here…

Autumn is here ... and with it the rain, the wind and maybe also some sunshine to satisfy the golden autumn. Autumn is associated with harvest thanksgiving, chestnuts, grape harvest - called 'autumn' in Baden - flying kites, broom management or, for short, brooms, ostriches, wreaths, wheels or hackles, and in recent years Halloween has become more and more common.

The Christmas dinner

Christmas Eve: The Christmas dinner

As every year, Irma was once again faced with the question of what should be served at Christmas? When the kids were little it was less of a problem. But now with three adult children, one should also consider their tastes and wishes. Although when she thought of the past few years, she could never please everyone.

Christmas time

4. Advent - Christmas and its customs

We celebrate Christmas every year. In recent years, if there has been an increasing “consumer craze” in which the “wishes” (or demands?) Of the children have grown, we would like to go into the origin of “Christmas” today and the question - so good it is possible to answer why we celebrate Christmas in the first place.

A selection of canned | Picture: FM

Thanksgiving and consecration

The year is coming to an end, the crops have been brought in, the harvest has ended, in short, thanksgiving is just around the corner. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the first Sunday in October. Field crops are brought to the church and thanked for the abundant harvest with a festive service.

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