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The CDU is holding Germany hostage

It's just incredible. Not only is this unspeakable corona pandemic keeping Germany in suspense, but also the CDU. How the Union keeps the media landscape and citizens in suspense. A comment.


The CDU and CSU union has held Germany hostage for months. First, there were politically catastrophic decisions, mainly by Chancellor Angela Merkel, her Economics Minister Altmaier, Health Minister Spahn and, ultimately, EU leader and CDU party colleague Ursula von der Leyen.

Not only the poorly implemented economic aid, in which the finance minister, vice chancellor and candidate for chancellor of the SPD, Olaf Scholz, was involved, but also the catastrophic crisis communication of the federal government in the field of masks should be mentioned.

Today we know: This mask theater was the result of a failed purchasing policy by Health Minister Jens Spahn. Incidentally, this error can also be extended to disinfectants and the lack of medical protective equipment at the beginning of the crisis and also with the insufficient number of rapid antigen tests, which is why the test concepts had to be postponed in March. I don't want to talk about the missing vaccine anymore.

Then the farce about the CDU chairmanship began. Suddenly Friedrich Merz crawled out of oblivion, Norbert Röttgen could also imagine this post, Jens Spahn anyway. But in the end Spahn and Laschet formed the "tandem" and prevailed.

Having dealt with this issue in particular, the state elections were just around the corner. There, the CDU fared poorly historically - a clap of the population due to the partially inadequate, haphazard and uninspired Corona policy, which is mainly the responsibility of the Chancellor.

Then suddenly, the first media reports about profiteering in the Union. The time of the profiteers came and one disgusting mask deal after another came to light. Numerous Union politicians were hungry not only for power, but for private enrichment and dishonorable deals. One could say that the CHRIST democrats forgot everything Christian.

But that's not all: The Christian Democratic haphazard disaster has now continued for a year, culminating in a fight for the candidacy for chancellor that has been simmering for weeks between the Bavarian macho macho and Prime Minister Markus Söder and CDU boss Armin Laschet, who is also Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Prime ministers speak up again and again, taking one side or the other, sometimes with crude statements such as those from Saxony-Anhalt's Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff, who said that "trust and character" did not play a role in the question of the candidate for chancellor .

Saar MP Tobias Hans was also questionable when he said that the one with the best chance of winning the election must compete. It is not about the CDU or CSU, but about who is ahead on election evening.

Naive people like me thought that politics was about having integrity, going ahead with a strong character, showing attitude and backbone and standing up for the citizens who voted for the politician and for the will of the To represent the people.

Instead, the CDU / CSU is solely concerned with maintaining power, dealing with posts and their personal sensitivities. The citizen is obviously far behind.

And so it can be said that, instead of fighting a pandemic, the focus of the Union seems to be solely on its internal squabbles.

It is frightening that a party like the CDU does not seem to have made any arrangements for a successor to Angela Merkel and now, at the latest after the completely unsuccessful Easter rest, the party seems to be panting from debacle to debacle.

This union, like the SPD, in its current constellation and form is not a people's party, but a pitiful bunch of self-promoters, businessmen and people with fantasies of maintaining power and bundling power.

The biggest surprise is the fact that the polls are still as stable as they are. But who do the Union guilty handlers blame if no Union Chancellor is elected in September? However, this only happens when people realize that for months now the focus has been on the Union's internal blame game and not resolutely fighting the pandemic.

How do I fix this? Until today, around five months before the election, the CDU has still not presented an election concept - as late as ever. Nobody knows how the Union wants to lead Germany out of the Corona crisis, how the hundreds of billions of euros of debts are to be paid off, jobs and economic upturn to be boosted.

For this we get the finest cockfighting. Isn't it something while we shimmy from lockdown to lockdown, right?

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