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Learned nothing in a year

Germany flying blind! The data on new corona infections and 7-day incidence are falling - everyone knows that the numbers are wrong. Politicians and the RKI have learned nothing. A comment


Madness! Politicians have been telling us for months that we are in the "most difficult phase of the pandemic". But what does the highest authority, whose numbers are decisive for tightening, but also for the return to our former life? Easter holidays.

It is unbelievable that, after a year of pandemic, we are still unable to deliver reliable data on weekends and public holidays.

The federal politicians are currently again discussing "bridge lockdowns" and other gossip word constructions, while the numbers from the Robert Koch Institute are falling, although everyone knows that precisely those numbers are not worth the paper on which they are written.

One court after the other collects the restrictions on fundamental rights, which are often based on guesswork - most recently the curfew in Hanover. Restrictions on fundamental rights can only be implemented on the basis of clean statistical evaluations. This hasn't worked for a year. Why is that? Questionable….

For a year now, the media and people have been waiting for data that is reasonably prepared every day to be communicated. This should also include the number of tests carried out.

Then you could put the numbers in a reasonable relation. However, this does not seem to be desired by the federal government. Then their measures would also be transparently controllable….

It should not be the case that individual data fragments have to be filtered out in thousands of documents and put into context. Hardly any editorial staff can do this, let alone ordinary people.

Instead, the federal government, the federal states and the RKI warn of “unreliable data” after Easter. After a year, the Federal Republic of Germany must be able to expect to be able to receive razor-sharp analysis data seven days a week.

Instead, we are flying blind through the pandemic. Numerous editorial offices and agencies have been making direct inquiries with the health authorities for months. There was a difference in numbers of several thousand new infections per day over the Easter days. These data will - presumably - be added up by the RKI in the next few days. We will therefore see significant leaps in numbers - I claim now.

After a year of the pandemic, politicians have learned nothing when it comes to collecting statistics. That's shocking. And then our top politicians wonder why trust in their actions is being lost ...

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