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It's not all black!

It is time to say it again: We are finally seeing progress in the vaccination strategy, in delivery management and in the number of expected vaccine doses. But also in protecting the population. A comment.


Act at last!

Angela Merkel wants to bundle more competencies in the Chancellery with all her might and is receiving praise and recognition for this, also from a population that has apparently forgotten how to think for itself and act independently. A comment.

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Right idea - dangerous time

The Saarland is emancipating itself. With the decision to relax after Easter, the state government is taking a dangerous path. The population has to go along with it, otherwise the project will crash crashing. A comment.

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The unsuspecting group has spoken

In a mammoth meeting, the federal and state governments decided on the next hammer lockdown. Or to put it another way: The group of the haphazard met for the cheerful Ringelrein. If this round of misery showed only one thing, it is that it is absolutely obsolete and incapable of acting. A comment.

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CDU clap: disaster with announcement

The CDU is experiencing a pitch-black election evening and is clearly losing approval in the state elections in Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg. For the first time, it is possible to form a government without the CDU. That must have consequences.

Money court fraud

No tax money for greedy politicians!

It's incomprehensible and outrageous. In the greatest crisis since the Second World War, greedy politicians from the Bundestag have nothing better to do than enrich themselves personally. Even after leaving the parliamentary group, Bundestag and party, the tax money continues to flow! We demand: NO tax money for politicians who are being ripped off.


Comment: These resolutions should not make us happy

The prime ministers of the federal states and the Federal Chancellery fight for nine hours over a strategy for the corona crisis. At the same time, the resolution shows the real problem facing this government. Terrifying: Instead of 14 days, there was now “lockdowntime” right up to the end of the month.

The editor of the Regio-Journal on topics that move him.

Farewell to 35 - How the Chancellor pushed the blame away

Once again there is a major summit for prime ministers and the chancellery. An exit strategy from the lockdown should finally be discussed there. But the federal states are already mutinous against Chancellor Merkel. The Chancellor, on the other hand, could once again score a great victory - because she fooled the Prime Ministers at the last MP conference. A comment.

The editor of the Regio-Journal on topics that move him.

Madness has a name - Donald Trump

The images of January 6, 2021, when fanatical, incited Trump supporters invaded the American Parliament, will be deeply rooted in the presidency of Donald Trump. Because only hours beforehand he incited her at a rally. At least one woman had to die because of it. A comment.

The editor of the Regio-Journal on topics that move him.

Comment: Don't overdo it!

Before today's federal-state meeting, discussions have so far only focused on extending the lockdown and other restrictions. More and more often it seems to be irrelevant which collateral damage this causes. We think: don't overdo it. A comment on the developments.

The editor of the Regio-Journal on topics that move him.

Vacation madness of the federal government

This failure was announced! The question is slowly being asked whether the federal government has become addicted to the corona madness. Instead of a sensible solution to the legitimate returnee issue, the country is split up and “vacationers” and “stayers at home” incited against each other.