Strange use in St. Ingbert: snake strays in the house

grass snake
The captured grass snake Image: F. Jung / Fire Brigade IGB
The fire brigade also has to master strange operations. On Thursday, the volunteers had to catch a snake.

Around 13:20 p.m., the request for help came from the street “Über dem Weiher” in St. Ingbert-Oberwürzbach: A snake got lost in their house.

The emergency services of the fire department in Oberwürzbach moved out with a reptile expert from the St. Ingbert fire brigade and found what they were looking for: they found the animal under a cupboard.

The reptile expert quickly recognized the animal as a native grass snake, so that the reptile could be quickly captured and released into nature.

About the grass snake

"Grass snakes are peaceful animals and completely harmless to humans“, NABU announced. The snakes even maintain a peaceful relationship with one another.

Even in the mating season, when several males hug a female, there are no bites. It mostly feeds on amphibians and is therefore particularly fond of staying near water. Typical localities are streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, but also in deciduous and pine forests and artificial dumps.

In Germany the males grow to a size of approx. 75 cm, females are significantly larger with 85 to 1,50 m. Lengths over 1,10 m are rarely found in Germany.

"There are two yellow to orange, crescent-shaped spots on the back of the head. On the mostly gray, sometimes also brownish or greenish upper side there are often four to six rows of small black spots“Wikipedia describes the appearance of the animals.

The animals are widely regarded as shy and are threatened with extinction. For some years now, snakes have been protected by the Federal Nature Conservation Act - so it is forbidden to disturb, catch or even kill grass snakes.

If you encounter one of the animals outdoors, a single stamping with your foot is usually enough to drive them away, provided there is a retreat.

By the way: The animals give off an extreme smell when you attack them. You should exercise caution here and use old gloves that can then be disposed of. And do not be alarmed: Usually the grass snake's defense includes making fake attacks (let his head pop out, mouth remains closed) and hissing at the same time.

Nevertheless: the animal is harmless to humans.

Close-up of a grass snake
Close up of a grass snake Image: Winterseitler / Pixabay

Picture sources:

  • Grass snake: Winterseitler / Pixabay
  • Grass snake: F. Jung / Fire Brigade IGB