Stiko expects several different corona vaccines

People with protective mask in front of a hospital, about dts
People with protective mask in front of a hospital, about dts
The Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) at the Robert Koch Institute expects that there will be several different vaccines against the new coronavirus in Germany in the future: "In view of the large number of potential SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidates, it is likely that on At the end of several vaccines will be approved in Germany ", said the vice-chairman of the Stiko, Sabine Wicker, the newspapers of the Funke media group (Wednesday editions).

It could be that individual vaccines are particularly suitable for certain population groups? for example for the elderly. The Vaccination Commission has the task of setting priorities in the event that a vaccine is initially only available in limited quantities.

"When asked who should be vaccinated first, we always have to ask who is at the highest risk of infection and who would benefit most from a vaccination," says Wicker. Such a risk-benefit analysis is a central element of Stiko's standardized approach. "In the current case, the groups in particular need of protection include the medical staff as well as the chronically ill and the elderly," said the vice-chairwoman. The Stiko already set up a working group in spring to develop vaccination recommendations in the corona pandemic.

"We cannot wait until a specific Sars-CoV-2 vaccine is approved, but have to set a framework for recommendations in advance," said the doctor.