Euro coins, about dts
Euro coins, about dts

Taxpayers Association sharply criticizes stimulus package

The federal taxpayers have heavily criticized the federal government's stimulus package.

"In addition to the wide-ranging tax improvements, there is also an expensive smorgasbord in the economic stimulus package, which is apparently due to party-political wishes," said association president Reiner Holznagel of the "Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland" (Tuesday edition). "The high number of 57 individual measures makes it clear that the government would rather use the watering can than focus on concentrated and targeted growth impulses," he complained.

The package included digitization projects, climate change measures or forced administrative modernization, which were part of the usual state-run tasks and would therefore not have to be financed from new debts, but from the current budget. “The stimulus package reveals policy failures from previous years ?? because the debt brake has been suspended for this year, these failures are now being covered up with new debts, which will burden taxpayers, ”said Holznagel. “Politicians reach into the debt box to push through standard and desired projects ?? it opens the door to take-away effects, ”he criticized.

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