Stefan Raab doesn't want to be in front of the camera again

TV viewer with a remote control, via dts
TV viewer with a remote control, via dts
TV veteran Stefan Raab has reported back with one of the interviews he has rarely given and at the same time rejected a comeback as a presenter in front of the camera.

"After seeing Ralf Moeller at the rehearsal, however, I would just drop off," Raab told RTL, for whose streaming service he will be producing a late-night show called "Freshly Roasted Daily" in the future. His task is to "try now to ensure the genre's existence".

In the show, various celebrities get the chance to try their hand at late-night hosts and are rated by other celebrities. "Perhaps you will discover that Karl Lauterbach has lost a real late-night host, the invitation is already out," said Raab. The R-value of the jokes is currently in the critical range and a vaccine is not in sight, according to the former moderator. Raab was best known for the television program "TV total", which he hosted from 1999 to 2015.

He then ended his career in front of the camera.