News from Spvgg Quierschied 2
News from Spvgg Quierschied 2

A strong appearance is not rewarded in the end

On the second matchday of the Landesliga Süd, our second team had their first away game with contender SV Walpershofen. For years again a game in which the "Zwädd" had nothing to lose. Because the omens were clear. Anything other than a home eleven victory would have been a surprise. And you were close to that.

The tactical direction of the Wambe was geared towards quick switching, which worked very well, especially in the first round. The first big chance of the game was after 13 minutes of player coach Markus Woll, who failed in front of the goal at the goalkeeper. Eight minutes later, a cross by Kai Seewald was just missed in the middle. Just a minute later, the first chance for the hosts. After an unnecessary loss of ball in his own half, Fabian Wiest was able to defuse the situation. In the 30th minute the deserved lead for the "Zwädd". A corner kick for Walpershofen was intercepted and quickly switched over to Sascha Scheid and Markus Woll scored the 0: 1. Three minutes after the lead, the Wambe were lucky that a cross in front of the goal was not used. Unaffected, the wambe had other great opportunities. In the 36th and 44th minute everyone had the scream on goal, but the ball narrowly missed its target. Shortly before the break, the back team of the "Zwädd" was not attentive enough and suddenly it was 1-1. So it went into the break.

The hosts now went a step further and took the lead 49-2 after 1 minutes. They let the ball run well and quickly. As a result, they were lucky not to fall behind. After 58 minutes, the second team was awarded an eligible penalty. Markus Woll converted to a 2-2 equalizer. Unfortunately, the equalization did not last long and Walpershofen was able to take the lead again from an acute angle in the 65th minute. Until the end, the "Zwädd" tried to equalize, but the home team was able to increase to 4: 2 just before the final whistle.

An unfortunate defeat that would have been avoidable if one had used the great chances of the first half. A tie would have been fair and deserved due to the two halves. So you have to live with the defeat and now learn to deal with the new league. However, this performance can be built on and you can score points again next week at the Wambefeschd home game against Bliesransbach.


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press report written by Spvgg Quierschied: Jan-Erik Schlicker