City Day: The need for staff in health authorities is increasing rapidly

Health Department, via dts
Health Department, via dts
The managing director of the German Association of Cities, Helmut Dedy, has called for soldiers and other helpers to be quickly available for the health authorities in order to track the contacts of those infected with corona.

“It is now important that the new employees are available quickly,” said Dedy of the “Rheinische Post” (Monday edition). "The faster contact tracking is improved through additional staff, the more effectively it will help contain the pandemic."

He shared the assessment of the head of the Chancellery, Helge Braun (CDU), who spoke on Saturday of an additional five-figure need for staff. “The need for personnel is immense and increases rapidly with the number of infections. We think it's realistic that it can be in five digits, ”said Dedy. The general manager of the city council praised the work of the authorities.

"The health departments are doing a great job in the pandemic," he said. However, some of the health authorities can no longer track contacts alone or with additional staff from the city administration. “The Bundeswehr is already helping in several cases. The pledges from the federal and state governments for further personal help are good, ”said Dedy.