St. Ingberter Freibad “blau” remains closed

The blue St. Ingbert
Das Blau St. Ingbert, Images: The Blue
In the summer of 2020 there will be no bathing activities in St. Ingbert "das Blau". This was the decision taken by the bath ownership company at its current supervisory board meeting. This will keep the outdoor swimming pool closed in summer due to the corona pandemic.

The decisive factor was apparently concerns as to whether the safety of bathers and employees in the outdoor pool operation could be guaranteed.

Now, instead, planned construction work on the outdoor and indoor swimming pools should be started and completed earlier.

Hubert Wagner, managing director of St. Ingbert's pool ownership company: “It has become clear to us that an outdoor swimming pool season that our visitors have known so far would not be possible under the current circumstances. Adherence to hygiene and protective measures is difficult to guarantee, especially with younger bathers, a very great discipline in the swimming pool and on the sunbathing areas would be required. However, the safety and health protection of our visitors and employees have top priority for us, so that we cannot make any concessions here. We therefore decided to instead move the planned construction work on the outdoor and indoor pool several months ahead in order to present our guests with a newly designed outdoor pool in May 2021. "

Now there is only hope that the already developed hygiene and safety concept enables the indoor pool to be operated.

So only a maximum of 186 people should be allowed into the bathroom at the same time. The necessary approval by the state government that the baths are allowed to open again.

The swimming pool will only open in May 2021 in a renovated state.

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  • The Blue St. Ingbert: The Blue