The accident site Image: Markus Zintel / Fire Brigade IGB
The accident site Image: Markus Zintel / Fire Brigade IGB

St. Ingbert: Cars and ambulances collide

In St. Ingbert-Rohrbach on 05.05.2020 yesterday an ambulance collided with a car. The collision was a mild one for everyone involved.

The volunteer fire department St. Ingbert from the extinguishing districts of Rohrbach, IGB-Mitte and Hassel deployed to the accident with eight emergency vehicles. The patient from the ambulance was transferred to a replacement vehicle. All people were able to free themselves from the vehicles. Four people were injured in the accident, according to the St. Ingbert fire department.

Security measures were taken on the vehicles by the volunteers from the fire brigade. The main thoroughfare was also closed to traffic together with the police. Leaking operating materials were collected by means of binders in order to avoid entry into the sewage system.

The fire brigade was over after about two hours. The police have started to investigate the cause of the accident.

Picture sources:

  • 20200505_175939: Markus Zintel / Fire Brigade IGB